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  • — finally coming along, been using Firebird all day.
    AAAARGH! Firebird does a LOT of stuff ‘PERFECTLY’. So I go to IE6, and stuff isn’t quite right.
    Okay, I fixed most of the IE6 problems (the RSS feeds inside the graphical blocks still isn’t getting the left-edge graphic positioned, but I think it’s likely the same kind of ordering problem that had been hiding the drop caps BEHIND the border/bg/box of the content bodies!).
    Then I open Opera, the supposed ‘better browser’.
    OH MY GOD. Pathetic isn’t strong enough. It just can’t deal with most anything! The main body fonts are all screwed up (sizing mostly, I guess… with continuous ‘shrinking’ or other corruption), the left AND right blocks have both mysteriously ‘vanished’, and the header tab-bar isn’t displaying in a row like it should.
    I can’t even upload my new scheme yet. I can’t ‘blow away’ the current with my local stuff until I debug this, as currently has at least the side menus and the fonts are okay. Tabs are still broken. UGH.
    Anyone a real G_D when it comes to ‘debugging’ this stuff? Gotta love CSS. Sheesh.

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    Here is a link to display the problems with standards you face with Opera. Believe me you will find a solution to ur problem here. Just tell them what you found was not working in Opera when it should have. It’s almost always the code that is missing something… that’s my experience. You simply can’t decide a browser is pathetic unless you give the guys at Opera a chance to look at it.

    I’m not sure that I follow what you mean by “this specific doc goes against Opera.” I know that you aren’t trying to stir up a hornet’s nest or anything.
    I thought that it was a good site in that it gives very clear definitions of what won’t work in Opera 7, and why. This doesn’t mean that Opera 7 is junk. There are lists of this kind of thing for virtually every browser. I’m not in a campaign for or against a particular brower. At one point, IE met all of my needs. Then, once I became a more sophisticated user, I was looking for more funtionality, and especially ways to help me with my new foray into web site design. Right now, I have found Firebird to be that browser. I find that it’s much simpler than even Mozilla to learn and use. Perhaps in the future, once I have “outgrown” Firebird (that is, if it doesn’t continue to evolve at some point) I will look to other browsers to meet my needs. This doesn’t mean that FB is the best and all other browsers suck; it simply means that it is the tool that fits into my current tool belt. I found both Mozilla and Opera and Netscape 7 to basically be an assault on the senses. There’s simply too much going on, and I would be willing to bet that for a large percentage of people, most of the functionality, and in particular, the customisation available for the newer browsers is never even used. It’s kind of like all the people in the big city (I’m thinking Vancouver, BC here) that buy four-wheel drive vehicles. They are “the” vehicles to have, right now, but 90% or more of those vehicles will never have 4WD engaged. They will run on pavement their entire lives and will never need the extra set of powered wheels. That’s what I think of when I consider some browsers–lots of bells, whistles, and available features, but most people will never use them.

    Here’s a couple more great sites for CSS:
    Position Is Everything
    The Noodle Incident
    Browser Support Info at WestCiv
    Mezzoblue’s CSS Crib Sheet
    Hope this helps!


    I am GAME. No differences in the followers of WP ;)…
    Open Souce Rox, I pledge my support for Firebird/Mozilla. With secret admiration for Opera ;)

    Nuke – thanks for all the links.
    Sushubh – as Opera is supposed to really be leading the pack, I must admit I was shocked to see just how badly the page renderer. And this is after stepping back somewhat from certain things I’d expect to break in a browser or two.
    IE still isn’t perfect, it has the 3px jog, it doesn’t always get sliding-doors stuff right. But Opera just chewed up and spit out my website! 😉 I chose my wording carefully — if they are trying to be the leader, the underdog, I’d expect them to have better CSS support than any other browser. However, if they just claim to be a prolific browser, well then they are spending more time on hitting all the platforms and less on necessary compatability.
    One site (might have been PIE), had only done IE dissection and workarounds… Someone mentioned they really should take a look at Opera, and all of a sudden there’s a half-dozen pretty glaring issues.
    Oh, and it’s not like I’m using O5 or O6 or O7.0, this was hot-0ff-the-presses 7.23 release.
    I guess you could say that I’ve had a fondness for Opera, that may have enhanced my shock-level when it did such a bad rendering job. I’m open to fixes… Though, I’m weary to be putting in custom fixes without a better way to manage them (my CSS is HUGE, and trying to add fixes to all the possible places that might need them, well, it’s going to make things a mess… I’m already avoiding certain IE fixes for that reason!).
    I’ll try those sites and the forums, see if there’s a guru around. 😉
    (Oh, and I should note that the KHTML derivatives all have their own problems… and since Safari is the browser-du-jour on the Mac, I >must< fix that… whereas Opera is a bit more, well, ‘optional’. I wish it weren’t so… But I’ve been in the software industry too long — you can’t always fix/address every combination and permutation…)

    OK cool. Let’s put aside custom fixes or hacks.
    Just give Opera forum a chance. If your CSS is clean and Opera is spitting it out, give the code to the guys (more crazier than me) in Opera Forum for them to inspect. If they say that it’s Opera’s fault, I will sit quietly here. 🙂
    And I have had been sitting quietly for pretty long. 🙂 India is doing great against Australians when I had practically written India off. So, I am used to eating my words. But don’t discard ur special designs, test them on Opera fanatics who believe Opera is the best HTML/CSS renderer out there. 🙂 I do, but I can’t help u. I am a guy practically living off these forums ;).

    You write to Bill, and I will write to the people at Opera. 😉

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