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  • Who is “behind” P2 now?

    I have been setting up P2 WordPress blogs for a few friends. I have found myself repeating some basic tweaks. While doing this, I thought that I would like to contribute to developing the P2 theme further.

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  • well then… YOU are! Good luck with that.

    Noel seems to be the man behind it.

    Noel seems to be the man behind it

    Unfortunately, Noel has disappeared a long time ago, I wish someone else would pick up the project where he left it.

    Isn’t Noel an automattic employe?

    His webpage seems alive at least.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Noel is actively developing the theme — I’ll send him a link to this thread.

    I do handle a majority of P2 development, but code is contributed by many people. Please feel free to send any diffs to noel at automattic dot com.

    The SVN repo is here:

    Hi Noel.
    I’ve been a bit quiet on the P2 front lately.

    The main issue I have currently is P2 and IntenseDebate.
    I like the P2 theme and I like the IntenseDebate plugin.
    They do work together but there’s a few quirks.

    I’ll look into it and see if I can contribute.

    Hi Noel,

    is there any chance that P2-theme will be integrated into BuddyPress ?
    Like having P2-theme for each user-Blog ?

    Thanks !

    That would be sweet, huh?

    I’m working vigourously over at my own blog: to separate P2 more and more. To allow child themes to be created more easily and from there BuddyPress integration of certain pieces.


    @ Erich: P2 integrated in Buddypress is very interesting and something that I need.

    Also, it would be great if P2 could look a little more normal in IE 6.0. 33% of my users use it and it looks a bit strange for them. Perhaps it’s not possible to fix, perhaps it is.

    @ Noel: P2 as some kind of plugin instead of theme would be fantastic. Especially if integrateable with Buddypress. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just my 2 cent.

    this is indeed great news to hear that you are developing P2 further and also working to integrate P2 into BuddyPress !

    The issue I currently see (at least for my specific user-group which is at the age of 50 and older) with BuddyPress is about using the Dashboard-interface in order to make a blog-post.
    My users will not be able to understand the Dashboard and posting a message into their own blog – itยดs just too complicated for them.

    Is there a chance that you develop your P2-theme in a way, so that User-Blogs can be administrated and Blog-posts can be made by the user in a simple way ? So that the user will NEVER have to enter the Dashboard-interface ?

    Always go by KISS – Keep it Simple and Stupid !

    Thanks again,


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