• “This is so much easier!” excitedly announced a recent client after I installed Flexible Content Modal and simply activated Mr. Pedro’s plug-in.

    I have been tweaking ACF to replace the default ACF field group title with a custom field and icon to eliminate the confusion caused by the default, duplicate field titles generated by ACF for some years. However, the clutter caused by open and closed field groups makes is difficult to quickly identify where you need to edit or where you left off editing.

    As much as I adore ACF, Flexible Content Field groups quickly become a cluttered, scrolling mess. With Flexible Content Model, the edit page appears as a clean, simple list of fields and field groups. Cannot stress enough how much this improves usability and the workflow. The fields opening in a modal window puts the focus on the fields being edited and even though the ACF functionality is the same – end users find it significantly more intuitive.

    I would give Mr. Pedro a big fat kiss if I could. I’m currently building a rather complicated timeline interface and his Flexible Content Modal makes managing a labyrinth of field groups simple. Perfect. Quite a time saver not having to scroll and read through long lists of field groups to find what you need to edit. Super big plus+++ – I’m getting old and my eyes aren’t what they were. I can’t tell you how many times I have edited the wrong fields – as I often duplicate field groups and they share the same naming conventions. Long lists of field groups that all look the same are not good when your eyes are failing. Mr. Pedro saved the day for this “old head.”

    Try it. You’ll like it.

    Bravo and thanks Mr. Pedro!

    Where that donate button?

    Showing some love from New Orleans,


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