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    I tried to update, now i can’t login.. it gives me an update link, in error, and the main blog.. What do I do?

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  • Hey there, what’s the URL? Hard to understand what the issues is :/


    When i got to the dashboard it said to update, then all it showed was: “”

    How do I get it to work right!!

    Is your site?

    We can try and help but we need a bit more info.

    Here are a few questions that may help us help you:

    What did you upgrade to?
    What did you upgrade from?
    What’s your website?
    Where are you hosted?
    Do you have FTP access?


    I ave FTP access… I use WP 3.4, I am hosted through GoDaddy…

    the blog link is:

    It said there was an upgrade to 3.4.1, and i clicked update,
    is there a way to fix things, until an update is ready?

    Hi there. So the site looks to be running, and it is running 3.4.1 if you look at the source code.

    My recommendation is to login and if you can navigate to the plugins, disable them to see if the problem goes away. If you cannot access them from admin, login via FTP and rename your plugins directory temporarily, then go to WordPress admin to see if disabling them works.

    If it works, you know there’s a plugin issue and you’ll want to go through each one to see which is causing the issue.

    I think that’s a good starting point.


    when i go to the dashboard it messes up, is there any way to get

    is there a link where I could get a new plugins folder, and how me where it goes..

    do ya got like just a folder of plugins, that you could maybe show me where to re-install?

    I am re-nstalling the wp-admin folder from a clean install, should that fix it?

    I couldn’t get in…

    I’m having the same issue! You can see my blog online but I can’t get to the wp-admin all the sudden right after i updated. please help. I’m very frustrated

    This isn’t working… How do I remoove the:


    If someone could make like a file or folder to remove this updat, the tell me what to do… It was working just fine liek 15 min. ago

    I found a Fix for go daddy… Roll Back to 3.3.2, then renew 3.4,
    then the 3.4.1 update works… This tells me that it must be a db issue.

    I have the same problem when i tried to upgrade from wp 3.4.1 to wp 3.4.2

    I tried all the above discussed solutions and it didn’t work still. Do u have any other suggestions?

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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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