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    I just want to say that I resent having crap like

    <?php do_action('admin_footer', ''); ?>
    <script type="text/javascript">if(typeof wpOnload=='function')wpOnload();</script>

    added to the base files of WP… who put that there?

    This puts a link to in the admin pages when viewing from IE browsers. I don’t think that WP should advocate which browser anyone should use – it ought to at least be optional.

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    Matt added that code at least 2 years ago:

    Before that, it just pimped Firefox directly:

    And even that replaced a Firefox link in the admin page footer from 3 years ago:

    In short, this ain’t new. WordPress advocates Firefox.



    I never knew that. I had to go find a Winders machine and see for myself. yep, browse happy. that’s funny. That makes up for the bank I just tried to use only to discover it only works in IE. Well at least WP works in multiple browser types…

    can we take that out?


    Apparently there are big bucks to be had in that link thingy. But I do not really understand it.

    Good God, what is the issue here? Its a little thumbnail that says “Browse Happy”. So what? If you don’t like it, don’t click it.

    I don’t think that WP should advocate which browser anyone should use

    Why the hell not? What difference does it make? Are the authors not allowed free speech too? What’s so different about WP that they’re not allowed to voice an opinion?

    Its not like it opens a hundred popup windows that FORCE you to do anything, its just an unobtrusive little thumbnail. Whoop-de-do! Get over it..

    It could get annoying because it would appear on subscribers profile/admin pages too, and it would appear that your site was trying to change what browser they used…

    I’m against that imagelink too. Let’s decide everybody on his own which browser he should use without annoying him with notices that he may uses not the one wordpress prefers.

    IE7 allows you to browse happy too when themes where made the right way. Noone will change the browser by viewing such ads. It just annoys IE users while firefox users seems not to recognize it.

    IE sucks. Plain and simple. And if the FREE software you are using comes with an itty bitty little thumbnail promoting a good browser….so what?

    Man some people must have blessed lives if this is their biggest issue.

    I agree. It’s an annoyance that shouldn’t be placed in the code.


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    I think it shouldn’t be there because I have to remove with every WP site I do. No one wants it. Besides my wasted time, I make my sites work with all major browsers, so there’s no real reason to have one over the other.

    I may actually advocate for FF and hate IE, but the person wanting the site uses what they want to use. I don’t feel compelled to change their mind about that, unless they are using something like IE5 for mac or Netscape 3 or some other ancient relic.

    @4k: Patronizing sucks. Why you can’t everbody decide on its own which browser he/she wants to use. There are good arguments for both IE7 and Firefox.

    Btw: In my eyes, the WordPress-spirit was something like “Keep it as simple as possible”. “Code is poetry” is the slogan in the footer. Such hard-coded ads does not fit to that slogan. Let us make great sites with standard-compliant xHTML-code. If a browser interprets it the right way, then its good, otherwise the user will get errors and has to chose another one. But if everything is displayed correctly, then its just crap to place these firefox ads there.

    btw: I hate those users keeping their browser decision as a religion. Create sites for your readers and not for your shitty browser.

    NeXXor I do create sites for users not browsers. Fanboys/girls are not my cup of tea.

    Neither though are whiners.

    Considering the amount of “tweaking” most users do, the taking out of a line or two of code hardly seems worth all the crying.

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    neither would be adding it, if you wanted it. That’s the point. Keep it minimal or is someone making money off the link? I don’t use any pre-packaged templates for that very reason, these days. I have a base set of code snippets, tagstention (for Dreamweaver) and either do the design end, too or do the front/back scripting/programming for a site that comes with a designer’s comps.

    I’m just saying that I’ve been asked to remove it in every instance, along with all the other promotional stuff (like “proudly….”) because it just isn’t a required element.

    I DO use reliable plugins and donate bucks to the useful, responsive plugin authors to help finance them because it’s worth it to me.

    Not whining, just originally asked about it as it surprised me that any advocating would be part of the default install.

    Comments like “IE sucks” and “Fanboys are not my cup of tea” are tell-tale signs of a troll. Try adding some content to your postings. Why does IE suck? IE is free to download at I am not sure if it requires you to have a legitimate copy of Windows, but I assume you do.

    The whole browsehappy site is a black mark on your community. It is basically one giant troll targeted at all IE users of WordPress.

    Regaurding security and standards compliance, I would NEVER recommend Safari for Windows over IE. You may get improved speed over another browser, but only due to a lack of features and compatibility.

    I have used Firefox as my primary browser for years – but since getting Vista for free (included in tuition), I haven’t touched it. It has a better popup blocker and a safe sandboxed process that doesn’t crash like Firefox was starting to do on more and more sites. And the only sites that had rendering issues with IE7 are all caused by poor detection in old IE6 “hacks”.

    Apologies for bumping the topic.

    So, to get rid of it, I just delete those two lines in the first post? Can I also delete the funtion out of “templates.php” ?

    I think it is a shame that WordPress has it in to be honest. I will never convert to FireFox because I don’t see the need to. IE has never really let me down before and from the experience of FireFox that I did have, I didn’t like it.
    What I don’t like, is how all the people who use FireFox treat IE users like they are so totally in the wrong. So what? I use a different browser than you. So what, I drive a different car than you? So what, I live in a different country to you, that doesn’t mean you are “better”.

    Put it this way, I don’t ever see car salesmen telling every user of a Ford model that they have the wrong car.

    It is just annoying to have to go through the files and search out the code to delete it. It reminds me of people who preach Christianity on the street. That is not the way to convert people – it will put them off.

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