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  1. tekehe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello, I was learning wordperss Theme Development encounter very difficult (thumbnails automatically invoked) issues to ask about a solution.

    Under the theme, when changes in the subject is the use of the thumbnails displayed on the home page to call the custom segment home - thumb, the following code:

    <? php $ home-thumb = get_post_meta ($ post-> ID, 'home-thumb', true);?>
    <img rel = "nofollow" src = "<? php bloginfo ('url');?> / wp-content/uploads/img/files / <? echo strtolower ($ home-thumb);?>. jpg" width = "" height = "" alt = "" />
    <a>" title = "<? php the_title ();?>"> <? php the_title ();?> </ a>

    So that each one to appear on the home page article, should add this field to display the thumbnails of home - thumb, this is very complicated, every time the manual operation that there is no need.

    How to modify the above code to make it happen automatically call the thumbnail? Thank you!

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