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  • Can a visitor to my blog create a category. What happens if someone has a question. This site is a forume. How do I set my blog up so people can start there own category. Should I have a forume thru wordpress and not a blog????

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  • ???

    Only admin’s have the ability to create categories in WordPress. Categories are used to structure posts and pages.

    You’re correct this site is a forum, run with BBPress which is able to be integrated into WP.

    Anyone can create a topic in the forum (much like you just did), but once again only admins can create forum categories (large groupings of topics).

    I have no idea whether you should have a forum or a blog. To me it generally depends on the ammount of traffic a site has. Sites with less than 500 uniques a day generally make pretty poor forums, but pretty good blogs. Sites with large ammounts of traffic generally can support a forum… in addition to any other frontend they’re running (whatever it was that was being done to generate the traffic in the first place).

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