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  • Hi,
    Can anyone advice me how to create a “who am I” section on the home page along with my picture???

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  • The exact way to do this depends on your theme and the way the home page is set up.

    In many themes, you can create a ‘sticky’ post that will stay at the top of the home page.

    Create a new Post with the content you want in it. Then click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Visibility: Public’ over the ‘Publish’ button.

    Check the box next to ‘Stick this post to the front page’ and click ‘OK’. Then click ‘Publish’.

    That post will now show up at the top of the home page IF the theme supports it.

    If you want the ‘About Me’ to show up in the sidebar, go to Admin->Appearance->Widgets and drag the ‘Text’ widget into the sidebar and position where you want it.

    It is easy to put text into the widget, but a little harder to put in an image. If you want to do this, I will try to explain in another post.

    Thanks for the advice. I will try and get back to you again.
    Yeah Of course I would love to know how to put image into the widget.
    I want to have something like
    Who am I section


    I think I have a good answer to your request. Take a look at the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

    You can see a sample on this site (still under construction):

    I want the exact section of who am I on your site on the right side of my blog.
    Thanks a lot…!!!
    After activating Black Studio TinyMCE widget will it be possible to create such a section?
    If yes, then please tel me the details. I would be grateful to you..


    Hey man thanks a lot..
    I have installed the widget and created the section on my blog.


    I created that section with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

    Go to Admin->Appearance->Widgets and drag the Black Studio widget to the right sidebar area and up or down to the position you want.

    It should open up an edit window just like the WP editor. You can insert an image and text just as you would in a Post.

    Click ‘Save’ when you are done.

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    Yeah sure. Thanks a lot for your advice.
    I have one more problem with the comment section.

    I want people to comment on my posts.Below every post there is a “leave a comment’ section. When I click on it it says “you must log in to comment”.
    I want to have a comment form inside that section. Can you advise me on this issue?
    You can refer

    I would be grateful to you…




    Forum Moderator

    Please stick to just one topic per question.

    I think what you want is to go to Admin->Settings->Discussion and uncheck the box next to ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment ‘.

    You should check the other settings carefully.

    And, you may need to install a plugin to control spam in the comments. I often use SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam.

    Hi esmi,
    Apologies for these actions.
    I didnt knew about it.

    Hi vtxyzzy,
    i have already tried doing what you said but no results. I think I have install a comment plugin and all those stuffs.

    If you have done it earlier, then please advice me.

    Thanks a lot..!!!

    If you have already unchecked that option in Settings, then a plugin may be controlling that. I do not have any other suggestions than that.

    I dont have any plugin controlling it.
    Its okay. You helped me a lot…
    Thanks again…!!

    Hi esmi,
    I saw one of your posts resolving this issue..
    Can you help me ??

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