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  1. rwkiii
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I put together a new WordPress site and used WHMCS Bridge. Everything is updated/upgraded/fresh install. At this point the site is done and everything works great with the exception of WHMCS and permalinks.

    Initially the permalinks worked fine. When enabled, /whmcs/announcements/ worked perfect. Something happened and there was a change in a password without my knowing. Since I didn't know, I tried fixing the problem. At one point I deactivated the WHMCS plugin and reactivated it. This caused my original WHMCS page to get sent to Trash. A new one was created.

    From this point on, the permalinks do not work. When they are enabled the only thing that will display is the Portal Home page with the icon menu. If I go to /whmcs/announcements/, the portal home page shows.

    When I disable permalinks in WHMCS, things work correctly. Going to /whmcs/?ccce=announcements works perfect.

    I've saved WordPress permalink settings.

    Does anyone know where I can look to find the problem?


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