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    Seeing something odd under Other Options – Whitelisted IP addresses.

    The normal entries appear to be:,,, however lately we’re seeing multiple (sometimes hundreds)of entries like this appended to that line: Array,Array,Array,Array etc.

    Problem is when the Array directive is included dozens or hundreds of times the Wordfence save function pops up a window showing an error occurred and the settings can’t be saved.

    Please make sure you separate your IP addresses with commas. The following whitelisted IP addresses are invalid: Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array

    Anyone else seeing this or have an idea how to solve?

    Thank you.

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    I’m not sure the cause but I’m concerned that there are all those entries added (presumably without you doing it?) to the whitelisted IP addresses. When you run a scan, what does it find?


    Thanks Tim.

    Scan doesn’t appear to show anything relevant. I am seeing this issue on multiple sites however. Might try an uninstall/re-install just for grins.

    Maybe Mark would have an idea about it?

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    I’ll ask the dev guys for any thoughts, but when we get into ip addresses just showing up in the whitelist I get a little paranoid and want to make sure my security stuff is uncorrupted.


    Uninstall with table delete didn’t have any effect.

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    So, let me just get clear on this.

    • You suddenly had the words array, array, array appended to your whitelisted ip addresses without you or any other admin doing it
    • You have tried manually removing them and saving the ip addresses again and it either fails or the array, array, array shows back up on its own.

    Is that correct?



    Anything new on this Tim?

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    I sent this in to the dev team and they will either reach out to you here or get back to me. The bug ticket number is 588 and is assigned already.


    Thank you Tim.

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    Hi swedeman,

    We opened a bug to examine this but looking at the code I don’t see any way that our code could have written an array to that field in the database.

    So I think this might be some kind of table corruption or something else unique with your system. In otherwords, I can’t reproduce it or see a cause in the code.

    So I’m going to close the bug until we get more data or more reports.

    If you can, please work with Tim to get us an export if your database or at least the wp_wfConfig table and we’ll examine it to find the cause. If you can send that to us we’ll examine this further. (Don’t post it here – email it to us)

    To fix this you’ll need to reset your Wordfence to defaults. So go to the bottom of your Wordfence options page, check the box to remove all WF data on disable. Then disable and reenable the plugin and that will fix the issue.



    Thanks Mark.

    Where would I email the DB table?

    I actually did a uninstall/reinstall with a DB drop previously and it didn’t solve the problem. Just did it again according to your instructions after re-enabling the plugin and the “Array” entries are still there.

    Very frustrating as the options in WF won’t save while the “Array” entries are present and at times there are more than several dozen entries.

    This exists across multiple different sites.

    Sure would appreciate some more direct troubleshooting pointers.


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    Email to tim [at]



    Sent. Thanks Tim.

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    Got it and forwarded this morning.


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