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  • Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hi DPWP,

    I’d like to confirm your issue step by step.

    First of all, please select “White list” as “Matching rule” at “Validation rule settings“. I guess you already do this.

    1. Test of logs
    Please select “All of validation” as “Record validation logs” at “Record settings“. After you save settings, you’ll find some “passed” at “Logs” page. Those are footprints of yourself.

    2. Test of “Admin area
    Please select “Only when blocked” as “Record validation logs” at “Record settings“. And also select “Prevent Zero-day Exploit” as “Admin area” at “Validation target settings” and save settings. Then access “” with your browser. You’ll encounter “403 Forbidden” and also find “wp-zep” in “Logs” page. It means that an access to admin area without a secret nonce will be blocked even from your country.

    Please tell me about the result of 1 and 2.

    I hope the document “The best practice of target settings” helps you to find the best settings to fit your site. I’m afraid this doc is a bit mess. So please ask me about your setting for each target if you’re confused.

    Thanks for asking!

    1 & 2 Nothing show in the logs just ajax keep rounding/running in circle besides clear now

    I selected all maximum settings but i can see in my database

    Statistics of validation will show the blocked country ip and times and login of white list ip, etc

    Logs will remain empty or ajax circle keep turning non stop beside clear now button – Does this script code block the logs?

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    OK, the possible issue is creating data table for logs was failed.

    Could you put the following code at the bottom of functions.php in your theme?

    define( 'IP_GEO_BLOCK_DEBUG', true );

    You’ll find “Create DB table for validation logs” at the end of “Plugin settings” and push “Create now“.

    Then please check 1.

    If you succeed in creating db table, you can find “your-prefix_ip_geo_block_logs” in your mySQL db. Can you use phpMyAdmin and check it?

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    The database did eventually show the blocked, wep, etc even the logs never show when login

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa



    just ajax keep rounding/running in circle besides clear now

    Do you mean ajax spinner image keeps running forever when you go to “Logs” page? And it stops when you push “Clear now“?

    xxxx_ip_geo_block_logs all this had been created the time install/reinstall, etc

    It never stop even i hit clear now in logs

    It never stop even i hit clear now in statistics cache ip

    Yes ajax keep running

    I will just check the ip directly in phpMyAdmin and clear it there but not login in site backend

    Ajax keep running but never clear anything

    Perhaps just send the logs via email or simple way will do

    One more thing why bing bot and google bot hit plugin and theme directory – is this a spoof or real bot?

    the bot seem don’t follow the robot txt file

    Also the ip database when i click download now – some site work fine but some site u need to wait for a very long time still never finish

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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