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    So, this is a little weird. To solve a totally different problem (which it didn’t) I changed the CRP display location priority to 10 a long time ago and never changed it back—until today. To move it above our new sharing box I tried 1 to 9 with the same very strange result:

    When the display priority is at 10 everything is fine: Title, line break, 10 words content, line break, title, line break, etc. When the display priority is above ten it creates huge white spaces between every line. To me it looks like it creates new paragrpahs between every entry. Why?

    <div class="crp_related ">
    <h3 align="right">TITLE</h3>
    <p><!-- --><a href="POST 1 LINK WITHOUT PURPOSE?" rel="nofollow">
    </a></p><div class="crp_title"><a href="POST 1 LINK WITH A PURPOSE" rel="nofollow">POST 1 TITLE</a></div><a href="SAME LINK AGAIN? WHY?" rel="nofollow">
    </a><p><a href="POST 1 LINK AGAIN FOR A REASON?" rel="nofollow"></a><span class="crp_excerpt"> 10 WORDS OF POST'S CONTENT</span><!-- --><a href="POST 2 LINK" rel="nofollow">
    </a></p><div class="crp_title"><a href="POST 2 LINK AGAIN" rel="nofollow">POST 2 TITLE</a></div><a href="POST 2 LINK AGAIN" rel="nofollow">
    </a><p><a href="POST 2 LINK"></a><span class="crp_excerpt">10 WORDS of POST 2 CONTENT</span>

    And so forth. Note: I have to have [code]<!-- -->[/code] inserted at “HTML to display before each list item:” in the general options to have CRP show up at all.

    Compare code at priority 10:
    <div class="crp_related "><h3 align="right">TITLE</h3><!-- --><a href="POST 1 LINK WHERE IT SHOULD BE" rel="nofollow"><div class="crp_title">POST 1 TITLE</div></a><span class="crp_excerpt">POST 1 CONTENT, 10 WORDS</span><!-- --><a href="POST 2 LINK" rel="nofollow"><div class="crp_title">POST 2 TITLE</div></a><span class="crp_excerpt"> POST 2 CONTENT</span>

    Regardless: Thank you for this plugin. It’s the only related post plugin finding the articled that are interesting to dive further into the topic. We have it for nearly two years now and we’re very happy with it.

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  • Plugin Author Ajay


    When you say above 10, do you mean 9? If so, it could explain the issue above. Ideally 10 is the lowest number (highest priority) you should use for the plugin as WordPress applies a few formatting points at priority 10 if I recall correctly.

    Ideally, you need to set the sharing box priority lower e.g. 99 so that CRP sits above it



    Yes, I meant 9 and below, sorry. It’s a little weird when a higher priority comes with a smaller number. Thank you for your answer! I will see what I can do about the sharing box. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Ajay


    The number just means load later

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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