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  • I have inserted the slider into a static homepage and there is some annoying white space above it. Here is the code from the theme editor – here is the site help!!:

    #featured_shadow { background: url(images/main_sprite.png) no-repeat 0 -1321px; height: 9px; margin: 1px 0 40px; }
    			.slides img.featured-image { display:block; height: auto; }
    			.slides span.overlay { background:url(images/main_sprite.png) no-repeat 0 -252px; display:block; height:368px; left:0; position:absolute; top:0; width:960px; }
    			p.flex-caption { left:0; position:absolute; bottom:0; width:884px; display:block; background:url(images/flex-caption.png); font-size:13px; color:#ffffff; text-shadow:1px 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.4); padding:23px 38px; }
    		#controllers-wrapper {  }
    			#controllers-wrapper div#controllers-wrapper-left { background: url(images/main_sprite.png) no-repeat -490px -658px; padding-left: 25px; position: absolute; bottom: -18px; left: 0; visibility: hidden; }
    			.et_slider_slide #controllers-wrapper div#controllers-wrapper-left { bottom: 0; }
    				#controllers-wrapper div#controllers-wrapper-right { background: url(images/slider-right-panel.png) no-repeat right top; padding-right: 25px; }
    					#controllers-wrapper ul#controllers { background: url(images/slider-panel.png) repeat-x; height: 22px; padding: 18px 46px 0 50px; }
    					#controllers li { float: left; margin-right: 4px; }
    						#controllers li a { background: url(images/main_sprite.png) no-repeat -491px -637px; display: block; width: 11px; height: 11px; text-indent: -9999px; }
    						#controllers li { background-position: -491px -624px; }
    #featured .flex-direction-nav li a { width: 39px; height: 39px; margin-top: -19px; }
    #featured .flex-direction-nav li .prev { left: 0; background: url(images/main_sprite.png) no-repeat -490px -712px; }
    #featured .flex-direction-nav li .next { right: 0; background: url(images/main_sprite.png) no-repeat -490px -758px; }
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  • For this theme, I see that it should be a title in there,
    so that why you have the space, i guess you don’t want the title
    so try in your style.css in line 189 on this class:


    to change it instead

    h1.main_title { margin-top:-10px; }


    h1.main_title { margin-top:-60px; }

    Thanks you so much!!! That worked
    It did make me wonder whether I can also remove the breadcrumbs form all the pages a similar way. I am not sure how useful they are for nav?

    I also am having trouble with the summary text in the slider. But was unsure how to use custom excerpts to make sure this summary text makes sense. any ideas?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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