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  1. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ever since I began using WP more than three years ago, I have had the problem of not being able to consistently upload images. The program locks up and I receive a white screen. I have posted about this on this forum over the course of the three + years I've been using WP and no one has been able to come up with a solution that works. I am not alone in this problem. There are threads dating back three years and more - unresolved threads - from people with the same problem. I most recently posted about this 9 months ago. I try to upload a photo and the program returns a white screen that goes nowhere. I have tried everything to resolve this. My WP is the latest version. (I always upgrade to the latest version) but the problem has persisted through every incarnation of WP that I have used.

    Yesterday, I received a response to my 9 month old post from a frustrated user who has the same white screen problem. I responded with a bandaid fix that I found to work sometimes. And, by the way, the problem is random. Sometimes I can upload images; sometimes I can't. Sometimes I have to wait a few minutes until I can upload images after the program returns the white screen; sometimes I have to wait hours. Sometimes my husband can upload images from his computer; sometimes he can't. In other words, there is no rhyme or reason for the white screen. It seems to be totally random - and it is completely frustrating. I work on deadline. The white screen is counterproductive to my deadline and causes me to lose valuable time, to say nothing of income. So, I was elated to hear from another frustrated user who had the same problem.

    For others with the same problem who are searching this forum, I hit upon a solution that sometimes works. I have learned to Save my work before I attempt to upload. Even if I delete a comma, I must save the post before attempting to upload an image or else the white screen appears. Save, save, save - and then try to upload. Maybe it'll work for you. It's time-consuming - and it's a royal pain, but it works about 70% of the time. I was writing about my hit or miss solution to the other poster when the thread was summarily, and, in my opinion, rudely closed.

    Here's the response I received from a Forum Moderator. And I've copied and pasted it verbatim: "OK folks - please post your own topics. This topic is 9 months old and references a much older version of WordPress than that currently available."

    First of all, I update WP religiously. The problem has never been resolved with the updates. Secondly, it IS my own topic! Third, someone else has the same problem TODAY, I hit upon a sort of solution and was describing to the poster who, again, responded to MY topic.

    The rudeness of the moderator, her dismissal of my and the recent poster's problems, the closing of the thread when the poster and I were engaged in working out the problem together, speaks volumes about not only the ineptitude of the forum and its moderators, but also of the rudeness of the moderators.

    I hope the poster who was writing to me will find this thread that I've started anew. Alas, the problem persists. I welcome a response from anyone who has a real solution.

    Thank you.

  2. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Given that it was obvious that you have a damaged or faulty install, I deliberately followed you to this topic in the hopes that I would be able to offer you some real help. But having now read your comments, I don't think I'll bother...

  3. MFLesser - Your multiple duplicate posts (many of which are insulting) have been deleted.

    For others with the same problem who are searching this forum, I hit upon a solution that sometimes works. I have learned to Save my work before I attempt to upload. Even if I delete a comma, I must save the post before attempting to upload an image or else the white screen appears. Save, save, save - and then try to upload. Maybe it'll work for you. It's time-consuming - and it's a royal pain, but it works about 70% of the time. I was writing about my hit or miss solution to the other poster when the thread was summarily, and, in my opinion, rudely closed.

    This really speaks to a bad install or something on your server (i.e. this is an isloated incident). if possible, try installing a second copy of WordPress with no plugins and see if you can reproduce the issue there. That will help you narrow it down to if it's just that one install, or all.

    Sadly, your problem is not something that can be regularly reproduced by anyone else, so it's impossible for anyone ELSE to debug (we have to replicate it to debug it). Very few people overall have this problem, and in all cases, it's been one due to their specific configuration.

  4. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thank you for your reply, Ipstenu.

    I have reinstalled the software multiple time - to no avail. I have deleted plugins too.

    I also have several other blogs - some with no plugins - and the problem persists on my other blogs as well.

    As for my multiple posts to this thread - it is not I who was rude. The original diva moderator, was rude in her response to me and another poster on the original thread which she then closed. In addition, when she didn't like something I wrote, she deleted that post. I merely reposted it. And she deleted it, again and again and again.
    That is unfair, in my opinion.

    I have searched the forums and have found many other people with whom the diva moderator has had problems. She, sir, owes me an apology for her rude comments.

    Thank you for your response. I await an apology ...

  5. I'm a woman, not that it matters.

    You're unclear on forum policy. We regularly close old posts and delete comments that are detrimental.

    Please read
    * http://codex.wordpress.org/Forum_Welcome#Closing_Posts
    * http://codex.wordpress.org/Forum_Welcome#Deleting_.2F_Editing_Posts

    Moving on to the ACTUAL problem (if you want to keep complaining about the mods, I'll be deleting your posts as well - Please stop trying to post that ONE post. Mods can see it).

    I have reinstalled the software multiple time - to no avail. I have deleted plugins too.

    I also have several other blogs - some with no plugins - and the problem persists on my other blogs as well.

    Are all these blogs on the same server?

    Can you make a wordpress.COM blog to test with and upload images? That might help us sort out if it's your PC, your location or your server.

  6. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    No, the blogs are on various servers.

    I have already discussed this issue with my hosting companies. They all said the problem lies with WP. I've been trying to resolve this problem for years - and, in fact, even bought a different computer, in the mistaken thought that it might be the hardware.

    I have given admin status to my mother, daughters and husbands. They have experienced the same problem. The white screen appears, randomly, when I upload images. If I do manage to do that, I will randomly get a white screen when I try to insert images into posts.

    I have found that if I save my work - and it has to be a hard save, not an autosave - before I upload an image, there's about a 70% chance that it will upload successfully. This gets tedious since my site is image-heavy, especially when I'm doing a fashion guide or gift guide. There are times when the software (?) doesn't allow me to do any formatting, including inserting hyperlinks, bolding text or adding itals.

    As I wrote, this is random. It can plague for me an entire day or days and then not reappear for a week. When I first started my site, I was a total newbie. Now I am not, but I have not been able to figure out a fix.

    Please excuse my mistaking you for a "sir." It was the fedora.

    By the way, I am working on a Mac, not a PC. I had also spoken with Mac support about this problem and they say it's WP, which is why I sought help on the boards initially.

    Thank you for your response.

  7. I use a Mac, a PC and a Ubunto box, regularly, and I've NEVER seen that problem. The reason I asked about wordpress.COM though, is that's a really regulated server. I mean, that's a place I KNOW is okay, so it helps trim things down.

    I have given admin status to my mother, daughters and husbands.

    Are you all on the same network when this happens?

    Can you take a laptop to Starbucks for a go?

  8. Also when this does happen try and mark the time and date. Each successful request that reaches your web server will get logged to the web servers access.log file.

    When the white page happens to you and it's not a browser issue, then that's normally a 500 error meaning something borked on the web server. Those errors should be logged into a separate error.log file

    With the time stamp and your IP address your host should be able to identify in both logs and send that to you. It could provide a clue about what's really going on and why this is happening.

  9. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for your response Ipstenu. (I had to Google Ubunto box.)

    Aha, I see your point with the WordPress.com site. I will try that suggestion and hope that it helps hone in on the uploading problem.

    No, my mom and daughters are not on the same network. By the way, I have changed networks since starting my site. I've always had uploading problems, regardless of the network. (I did speak with the ISPs about this problem as well. They say it's WP.) It's just so random, it makes no apparent sense. Why, for example, do I gain better consistency uploading when I do a hard save on the document before I upload? It doesn't make sense to me, but that seems to help, albeit not all the time.

    I have taken the laptop to Starbucks, to other cities and states. I post to my site even while I'm traveling. The problem persists, regardless of the location. It's been going on for years - but you bring up an interesting point. I began the site on WordPress.com and, six months later changed it over to WordPress.org. But I cannot remember if the problem existed when it was a WP.com site. I will try your suggestion and report back.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for responding. (I just saw your reply so please forgive me for not responding sooner.)

    I used to keep a log that I presented to my hosting company. They insist the problem is with WP. I have spent hours on live chat and, most recently, on the phone with them. They insist the problem isn't theirs.

    Incidentally, I have used several hosting companies and the problem remained the same, regardless of the host. I have used two ISPs - and the problem was the same with both. I have changed routers; I've had computer experts come to the house to help me with the site. No one has been able to explain the problem or has come up with a solution. I'm not so knowledgeable as to say I've tried everything - but I have tried a number of things - and nothing worked. The uploading problem is so random, it's makes no sense.

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

  11. I used to keep a log that I presented to my hosting company. They insist the problem is with WP.

    It's definitely something, that log data from their web server really would help. Many of us run our own server and the web server log data is good for "Why did THAT happen?!"

    If you can get it it might help. If not then there are other troubleshooting methods that might narrow it down.

  12. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks again, Jan. Yes, my current hosting company has insisted on more than one occasion that it's a WP issue. I will again keep a log and present it to them. Hopefully, that will elucidate the problem so that it can be properly addressed. It's frustrating. My workaround - save, save, save - helps somewhat, even though I feel it's a bandage and not a cure. Thanks again!

  13. In defense of your host... It IS a WordPress problem, but it's not WordPress's fault.

    Yeah, I'm baking your noodle.

    See it's a WordPress problem, but since it's JUST you (and your blogs), and none of us can repo it, or recreate it out of the box, it's not WordPress... Is there ONE thing that's 100% the same across all your sites? Like one plugin, or one 'tweak' you did to .htaccess?

  14. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ipstenu - Lol! Thanks.

    I have reinstalled the software, deleted all the plug ins - and the problem persisted. The only plugin that's common to my sites is Wassup Stats, but even before I downloaded it on my latest blog, the problem was there.

    I've been blogging for my own sites for three years - but I don't know what .htaccess is. I don't mess with the code. That prospect frightens me. The site I'm most concerned with is so lovely and it works. It's becoming more popular each day and I'm afraid to mess with a good thing. Of course, I would love to fix the photo issue so that posting is more of a pleasure than a chore. It's particularly difficult when I do gift guides since they are image-heavy. It has never failed that I'll be on a roll, uploading photo after photo only to, at one point in the process, get hit with the white screen. It stops me cold and, as I said, I will keep getting the white screen for many minutes to hours to days. And then it passes. But it can reoccur at any time.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to work this out with me. Thank you again.

  15. cubecolour
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I don't see a link to the site with the problem can you post one? There may be some clues to help diagnose the problem.

    One thing to look at which *may* or may not be relevant in addition to what has already been suggested - it falls over when uploading images so what are the images like?

    Are they edited before being uploaded or as-is straight from the camera? what format are they? what is a typical filesize of one? Are they RGB or CMYK? what dimensions are they typically? are they upoaded one-by one or several at once?

    If the images being uploaded are large when it falls over, I would test uploading smaller files 640px x 480px compressed RGB in .jpg format to see whether that is any different.

    The problem could be that WordPress is running out of memory - have you tried increasing the memory available to WordPress - you may need to ask your host if they support that and what the maximum is that they allow.

  16. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Cubecolour. Thanks for your response.

    The site is: http://www.EverBeautiful.com. The problem occurs regardless of the size or number of the images. I do not edit images before I upload them. I am given permission to upload the images and so use them as is. I upload images one at a time. I didn't know it was possible to upload more than one at a time. As for the format of the images, I cannot say. I don't know what RGB or CMYK means. The dimensions vary, depending on the post, where I place the images and how many images I place on each post. The issue occurs regardless of the size of the image, if the image is from my own camera or from a public relations firm or organization. I have had this problem since the inception of my site before it was loaded with images so I don't think memory is the problem, but I will check into that, thank you.

    Up until recently, I most often had one or two images per post, unless it was a gift guide (like for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Then it was more image heavy.) I also used to use mostly small images in the upper left corner. I'm a writer so my posts are more copy intensive than image laden. (I've most recently started to use more and larger images.)

    Thank you again for your response. I will look into increasing memory available to WP with my hosting company.

  17. cubecolour
    Posted 4 years ago #

    OK we could be onto something here. The very first image I looked on your homepage was uploaded at a size of 4320px x 3240px and weighs in at a massive 2730.35 KB.
    This is the original version of the first thumbnail image on your homepage:
    As you can see it really doesn't need to be that big.

    I think it could be pushing the server too hard to process these massive images causing it to run out of allocated memory. Even increasing the memory in the config file may not be enough with images this big.

    Try this: Before uploading any further images, use an image editor to crop or scale them to no more than around 1000 pixels tall or wide and upload the edited version. I use Adobe Photoshop & Fireworks to do this, but you should be able to use any image editor. This will result in a much smaller filesize and should not eat all of the allocated server resources.

  18. To clarify something that I don't see mentioned in your other post...

    A white screen of death is a PHP error. Flat out that's what they are.

    Since you've had this problem for a long time, which KIND of image upload are you using? We have a 'new' one: http://codex.wordpress.org/Inserting_Images_into_Posts_and_Pages

    If you're not using HTML5 (i.e. the drag/drop one), try it.

  19. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Ipstenu - Thanks for responding. Yes, I've been using the new uploader. (I am very good about updating WP.)

    While preparing my latest post this morning, I tried to upload a photo (I paid attention to the type, thanks to the above suggestions. It was a JPEG from the very reputable Shutterstock.) The uploader locked at 86% at 8:22 am. No white screen. But the image wouldn't completely load. This is also something that frequently happens with the new uploader. And then, if the image does upload successfully, I often get the white screen when trying to insert the image into the post. That did not happen today, however. I waited a few minutes, saved the post (which I had done prior to uploading btw) and it took it on the fourth try, with me saving the post between each try. I did edit the size of the image (downsized it). But it finally uploaded, inserted and published! Thanks.

  20. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #


    OMGosh! That is genius! I'm having a Eureka moment!!!

    Thank you for visiting my site and for your advice. I do not use an image editor - as you obviously know. I had not thought to do that. I am so incredibly compulsive about the images I do use, from a legal perspective, that is.

    Yes! I copied and pasted your link of my content/uploads into my browser (While not a newbie, much of this is totally new to me. Sorry. I had not known about this) and saw the HUGE image. I have never edited images for size, at least not before uploading. I use the edit feature on the image uploader before inserting it into the post.

    Ok, so I need to edit my images for size BEFORE uploading them into WP. Got it. I am on the web looking for an image editor, stat! It makes complete sense that this is the problem. And it makes sense that, even after the image does upload, I sometimes get the white screen when I try to insert it into a post - because of the size of the original image. Got it.

    Thank You! This sounds like a logical explanation to a problem that, heretofore, seemed completely illogical. And, again, thank you for taking the time to look at the site and the images. I really appreciate it.

  21. *Bows before Cubecolor*

    Can you try something as a way of testing? Create the largest, biggest, unedited image you can and drag and drop that into a draft dummy post.

    Repeat that until you get the White Screen Of Death.

    Then re-size it in whatever image editing software you have and try to reproduce the issue.

    If the first one causes the WSOD but the second one doesn't then that is likely it.

  22. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Jan - Lol, I'm bowing before Cubecolor too. His theory makes so much sense.

    Thanks for the great suggestion. I am going to do just that with a large image. (I also have to learn how to resize images without distorting them. I'll figure it out though, I'm sure.)

    Will report back later when I do that test.

    And thank you for your continued help with my photo problems.

  23. have to learn how to resize images without distorting them.

    Photoshop Elements works well for me, but I'm sure there are some good GPL opensource alternatives out there.

  24. MFLesser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for the photo editing suggestions. I have yet to look into those - but I will.

    I did a test, as suggested. I created a new post and went to add an image. The first image was 7.2 MB. (I don't know if that's a particularly large image or not - but it's larger than others in my photo library.) I had no problem uploading it to the gallery using the new image loader. I also had no problem inserting into my otherwise completely empty post.

    I then tried to upload another image, this one 7.6 MB. The image uploader locked at some low percent and wouldn't budge. (I can't remember now, but something low like 20%, if even that high.) I clicked the x to clear and exit the uploader and then did a hard save of the new post. I then went to upload the image again. It uploaded and inserted with no glitches.

    I hit upon the "save" solution purely by accident. It was borne out of frustration. But it often helps.

    I just tried to upload the image that Cubecolour highlighted as a large image. I didn't save the document before attempting to upload it. It loaded with no problem - even though I did NOT save my post.

    I cannot explain any of it. I will, however, look for a photo editor and size the photos I intend to upload into a more usable size. That's great advice.

    Thank you all! I appreciate the time and energy you expended in helping me find a solution to this unusual uploading problem.

  25. cubecolour
    Posted 4 years ago #

    7.2MB is large, back in the dialup days any image on a page larger than 20kb was considered too big. I usually try to keep full size images below 100kb if I can.

    A few image editors for OSX that might work for you:
    I've not tried either but both can be downloaded for free & I expect either should work for you.

    Also pixelmator which can be purchased from the mac app store is inexpensive and I think very good value. I often use Pixelmator to perform quick edits much faster than I could in photoshop.

    Now that this frustrating issue appears to be on the way to being resolved and you have had a chance to read & understand the forum guidelines linked in a previous post, I believe you owe another moderator on here a sincere apology for your actions yesterday when you misunderstood how & why a post had been closed.

  26. I use Pixelmator. It's about $40, it's on the app store, and it works.

    I also have Seashore, which is free and does the job.

    But you can ALSO resize images with the built in 'Image' editor. It's not great, but I use it to take images from 50 megs to 3 all the time :)

    (Speaking as one who often gets publicity images and resizes them, there are no legal implications to doing so, and in fact, most companies are happier when you put up lower quality pics, as they're less likely to be stolen and misused.)

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