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    This is really kind of a weird issue. As an administrator, when attempting to view all comments, empty spam, occasionally post, and at other random times, I instead get a white screen. This seems to be tied directly to the user role, as I created a test account and granted it admin privileges and experienced the same issue. When I changed the test account to any other user role, it was fine.

    I’m fairly certain that this is a plugin issue, as I have a number of plugins installed and recently had some issues with them (that have since been fixed). However, with the number of plugins I do have installed, I would like to see if anyone had any idea what might cause this without having to resort to trial-and-error.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Josh M.


    First – Please open your functions.php file and see if there is any whitespace ( empty lines ) after the last ?>

    If there is, remove it(them) and update the file. Test to see if this fix the issue.

    If you do not have any extra lines ( whitespace ) in your functions.php file, are you using a plugin for user roles? If so – which one?

    No white space, but the second part of your reply helped me find the offending plugin, Role Manager. Disabling that solved my problem immediately. I’m not sure if it updated recently or why it started causing a conflict, but that took care of it! Thanks for your input!

    Josh M.


    Not a problem,

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