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    I have a white / blank screen issue after trying to install either wp e-commerce or Ready! eCommerce plugins. Basically the back office disappears when you install or activate these plugins and the only way to get it back is to delete the entire folder from the plugins directory using FTP (or rename it).

    With WP Ecommerce both the website front end and back office crashed but with Ready Ecommerce only the back office screens for Pages and Plugins / Pages / Appearance / Settings become inaccessible (I can still log in and see the Dashboard home page but little else).

    My host assures me that the problem is not memory related and indeed I have Plesk server admin tool access and have double-checked memory allocations for the domain name several times.

    So I wonder if it is a conflict with another plugin? Here’s what I have installed, with Theme ‘Responsive’ and a very basic 3 page website so far:
    Accordion Shortcode
    All in One SEO Pack
    Contact Form 7
    Custom Permalinks (number 1 suspect for conflict with WP Ecommerce)

    Website –

    If anyone has experienced anything similar please let me know.

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  • I’m guessing it’s Accordion or the custom permalinks.

    Is there anyway you can deactivate them, then try activating the ecommerce plugin?

    And (just to make sure) are you using the latest version of both WordPress and WP eCommerce?

    Hello Nate, thanks for your reply. I did as you suggested, deactivating both Accordion and Custom Permalinks, then installing the Ready! Ecommerce plugin, then activating it (no problems so far).
    Next, I successfully activated Accordion. But the styles are a bit messed up so I will have to sort that out.
    Finally, I tried to activate Custom Permalinks and the back office screens went blank again, so I deleted it altogether and I am now in a workable state.
    Thanks for your help. It’s so good to get a useful reply when posting something on here.

    No problem. Glad to help!

    This maybe an odd way of thinking about it – but I find that plugins that change WordPress’ built-in functionality (like permalinks) are more likely to cause a problem than plugins that add functionality (like contact forms).

    The accordion problem probably just that it’s sharing a CSS class. You could hunt it down and change it if you really want to stick with that plugin.

    Thanks for your help Nate. In the end I chose to use Permalinks and therefore I am not going to install a Shopping Cart.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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