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  • I just decided to try out this plugin on one of my sites. Went through and enabled some recommended settings, nothing funky.

    Got a white screen of death after about ten minutes – not right away. WP-Admin wouldn’t even load. The other WP sites on my VPS were fine.

    I renamed advanced-cache and wp-cache-config but the site still wouldn’t load with a ton of refreshes.

    Had to restart Apache on the server to get the site to come back up, and then rapidly deactivated this plugin.

    My site isn’t complicated. Using Roots starter them, and a handful of normal plugins like ACF, WordFence, CF7.

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  • Hi Theatereleven,
    I had the same issue, but the “white death” came even quicker – just after several seconds – I’m not sure even if I was able to complete a single caching request, however, I’ve manage to disable all the plug-ins from within the database and then tried for the last time … and this time – success:

    My latest successful configuration for WP-Super-Cache plugin is:
    Goto -> DashBoard->Settings->Wp-Super-Cache
    Now choose
    Advanced Tab

    enabled – Cache hits to this website for quick access. (Recommended)
    enabled – Use PHP to serve cache files.

    enabled – Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated. (Recommended)

    enabled – Extra homepage checks. (Very occasionally stops homepage caching) (Recommended)

    Expiry Time & Garbage Collection
    Cache Timeout – 3600 seconds
    Timer – 600 seconds

    I’m running a small website with malware removal guides called:

    it creates the white screen of death also on my site (WordPress 3.8.1)

    Further more, very dangereous becouse it disables login accounts.

    Please update.

    I have the same problem since today.
    I get a blank page with a 500 error header, but there’s no error logged in my logfiles.

    Some requests went through though, but in a truly random fashion, like first is okay, then 10 go bad, 5 okay, 8 go bad, etc.

    That occured on 3.8 and 3.8.1 though (I just updated because I thought it might’ve been a problem with WP itself). Only thing that helped was disabling WP Super Cache so I guess there’s something wrong with the plugin.

    Any ideas how to fix that?

    I’ve re-enabled the plugin to test again. Reset to defaults, and then checked off just a few of the recommended settings. We’ll see how it goes…

    And as it did before….BOOM. White screen of death. This is a brand new, uncomplicated WordPress site. I’m using normal plugins like ACF, WordFence, Google Analyticator, Soliloquy Light, CF7.

    I have to go delete the caching php files created by the plugin in the WP-Content folder and then restart Apache before the site will even let me into the admin to deactivate the plugin.

    It’s too bad…this plugin sounds nice in theory.

    The most proble is thst it disabled login credential ( error ligin failed). Really got mad to recover my wpsite

    Okay…so far so good. I followed decloverlycorp’s example above for default settings, and I haven’t hit the white screen of death yet. I have it running on two 3.8.1 sites, and so far so good.

    Time will tell. I would love to know how to trouble shoot this better, and figure out what could cause the white screen.

    Marking this as resolved – both sites still going without the white screen. Thank you Decloverlycorp!

    What do you tell me about the login error? it is too risky for me to enable it becouse if it does cause problem to logins i cannot deactivate the plugin anymore.

    Not sure what you mean about the login error – I didn’t deal with that at all. To recover my site I had to go to the WP-Content folder, and delete the advanced-cache.php and wp-cache-config.php files. Then I had to restart Apache, and the site was back up.

    yes definetely. that is what i did too. I say that it looks not possible for admin to log in and deactivate the plugin as soon as logins fail.

    I would hardly call this isuue “resolved”, as I am still gettin white screen errors. Can’t even change the settings without an error.

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    I would hardly call this isuue “resolved”

    It’s resolved because either the plugin author or the OP marked it as resolved. If you’re having a problem on your installation then per the forum welcome please post your own topic.

    I marked it as resolved because I’m the one who opened the ticket, and my issue is in fact resolved. I’m using the plugin now on multiple 3.8.1 sites without issue.

    Update for anyone seeing this – I thought it was resolved, but it in fact is not. See new post:

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