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  • Recently took over a WordPress site that is experiencing some white screens of death. (Do not have access to hosting and file server at present).
    The error is limited to just one “Edit Users” page on the admin side.
    To date I have been able to fix the issue temporarily by deactivating Plugins. Issue is not limited to any particular plugin but seems to be more memory related.
    Over the course of the last week 8 separate plugins have been deactivate but site is down again. There is only so many more plugins that can be disabled!
    Any ideas as to what the primary cause of this issue is?
    Or alternative solutions?

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  • jack randall


    it’s probably a plugin issue unless you’re getting warnings and error messages that reference the available memory.

    ideally you need to have access to the server/hosting so you can do some serious troubleshooting. if you’re deactivating plugins and things get better then it’s a plugin that’s causing the problem.

    can you list which plugins you have (active and inactive), which theme and which version of wordpress you’re running?

    Thanks for the quick response. 🙂
    No on screen error messages anyway, just the white screen.
    So you would think it might be a particular plugin that is causing the issue. In that case would you suggest its limited to a plugin used by that particular page?

    Hope to have access to the full site by next week but in the meantime looking to try keep the site stable.
    WordPress 4.0 running “Company Name” WordPress Template theme.
    Appears to be a custom developed Theme “Company Name WordPress Theme” version 1.0

    Here is the long list of Plugins! Can deactivated plugins still upset the site?

    Admin Columns – (Activated) – Version 2.3.3 | By | View details
    Admin Menu Editor – (Activated) – Version 1.4.2 | By Janis Elsts | View details
    Advanced Custom Fields: Country Field – DO NOT UPDATE – (Activated) – Version 1.0.0 | By Dwayne Charrington | Visit plugin site
    Advanced Custom Fields: Date and Time Picker – (Activated) – Version | By Per Soderlind | View details
    Advanced Custom Fields Pro – (Activated) – Version 5.1.8 | By elliot condon | View details
    AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild – (Activated) – Version 1.12 | By junkcoder | View details
    Better WordPress Minify – (Activated) – Version 1.3.3 | By Khang Minh | View details
    Block Specific Plugin Updates – (Activated) – Version 1.0 | By Dinesh Karki | View details
    BuddyPress – (Activated) – Version 2.2.1 | By The BuddyPress Community | View details
    Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type – (Activated) – Version 2.1.5 | By donmik | View details
    Contact Form 7 – (Activated) – Version 4.1 | By Takayuki Miyoshi | View details
    Contact Form DB – (Activated) – Version 2.8.31 | By Michael Simpson | View details
    Crony Cronjob Manager – (Activated) – Version 0.4.4 | By Scott Kingsley Clark | View details
    Custom Favicon – (Activated) – Version 1.0.2 | By Dreams Online Themes | View details
    Dashboard Widget Sidebar – (Activated) – Version 1.2.3 | By IO SoftGame | View details
    Ebow’s Stripe Integrator – (Activated) – Version 0.1 | By Eduardo Leoni –
    Email Login – (Activated) – Version 4.6.4 | By Beau Lebens | View details
    Export User Data – (Activated) – Version 1.1.1 | By Q Studio | View details
    Fix SSL/Non-SSL Links – (Activated) –
    Glance That – (Activated) – Version 2.2 | By UaMV | View details
    Google Analyticator – (Activated) – Version 6.4.8 | By Video User Manuals Pty Ltd | View details
    Google XML Sitemaps – (Activated) – Version 4.0.8 | By Arne Brachhold | View details | Page-list | Donate | WordPress Pro plugins | Settings | FAQ | Support | Donate
    If Menu – (Activated) – Version 0.3 | By Andrei Igna | View details
    New User Approve – (Activated) – Version 1.7.2 | By Josh Harrison | View details
    Post Duplicator – (Activated) – Version 2.4 | By Metaphor Creations | View details
    Really Simple CAPTCHA – (Activated) – Version | By Takayuki Miyoshi | View details
    Search Exclude – (Activated) – Version 1.2.1 | By Roman Pronskiy | View details
    Sitemap – (Activated) – Version 4.3 | By webvitaly | View details | Page-list | Donate | WordPress Pro plugins
    SSL Insecure Content Fixer – (Activated) – Version 1.8.0 | By WebAware | View details | Test is_ssl() | Get help | Rating | Donate
    User Role Editor – (Activated) – Version 4.18.2 | By Vladimir Garagulya | View details | Changelog
    WordPress Database Backup – (Activated) – Version 2.2.4 | By Austin Matzko | View details
    WordPress SEO – (Activated) –
    WP-UserOnline – (Activated) – Version 2.85 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan | View details
    WP Better Emails – (Activated) – Version 0.2.8 | By ArtyShow | View details
    WP CSV – (Activated) – Version 1.6.6 | By CPK Web Solutions | View details
    wpMandrill – (Activated) – Version 1.33 | By Mandrill | View details
    WP Users Exporter – (Activated) – Version 1.4.1 | By hacklab | View details
    Advanced Browser Check – (Deactivated) – Version 4.1.0 | By Mattias Hedman | View details
    Audit Trail – (Deactivated) – Version 1.1.17 | By John Godley | View details
    BuddyPress Toolbar – (Deactivated) – Version 1.6.0 | By David Decker – DECKERWEB | View details
    EWWW Image Optimizer – (Deactivated) – Version 2.2.2 | By Shane Bishop | View details
    Google Analytics by Yoast – (Deactivated) – Version 5.3.2 | By Team Yoast | View details
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – (Deactivated) – Version | By | View details
    Redirection – (Deactivated) – Version 2.3.16 | By John Godley | View details
    Relevanssi – (Deactivated) – Version 3.3.8 | By Mikko Saari | View details
    W3 Total Cache – (Deactivated) – Version | By Frederick Townes | View details
    WordPress HTTPS – (Deactivated) – Version 3.3.6 | By Mike Ems | View details
    WP-Memory-Usage – (Deactivated) – Version 1.2.2 | By Alex Rabe | View details
    Wp Cleanup Optimizer Lite Edition – (Deactivated) – Version 2.0.53 | By Tech Banker | View details
    WP LinkedIn – (Deactivated) – Version 1.18.2 | By Claude Vedovini | View details

    jack randall


    1st things 1st: that is a lot of plugins to be running! most of them are fine in terms of how up to date they are but there are an awful lot of them. one i would get rid of without hesitation is “WordPress HTTPS”, it’s not been updated for 3 years. it might not be the specific cause of your problem but getting rid of it may help… “WP-Memory-Usage” is also quite out of date, nearly 2 years since an update so get rid of that too.

    you could get rid of quite a few of those plugins and that would probably help. each plugin has it’s own dependencies (JQuery, php calls, css, database read/write queries); if they’re written well then they tend to try and use existing resources like the default JQuery that wordpress loads but sometimes they load their own and that’s where problems start.

    even if you deactivate a plugin it’s resources are still bubbling away in the background.

    it also looks like there are several plugins that have been installed as the previous owner tried things and found a better/different plugin to do the job.

    as you’re now the boss of the site, review it and see what functionality you can do without and be merciless get rid of what you don’t need 😀

    Thanks for the info and advice Jack. You have answered a number of questions that were bouncing around in my head anyway.
    Can’t be as merciless as I would like as i don’t know the full workings of the site or have a test environment but will keep plugging away with more confidence and direction now at least.

    jack randall


    no worries, good luck and as frustrating as it can sometimes be, enjoy wordpress 😀

    Hi @ihatemondays.
    I will put my two cents in.
    I am the author of the “Sitemap” plugin.
    It helps you to have sitemap of your website with [sitemap] shortcode.
    Or it helps you to have list of pages with [pagelist] shortcode.
    So you may easily delete it if you are not using this functionality.

    And also you can easily delete “Custom Favicon” plugin because this feature already included in WordPress 4.3.

    And as @Jack_Randall suggested you may try to disable plugins one by one.
    This approach can help you to find the culprit of the screen of death.

    All the best.

    Larger denominations also very welcome 🙂
    Thanks Webvitaly
    User Profile did go down again today, so i have deactivated your nice piece of work “Sitemap” there just for now as it is not essential to the site operation.
    Again this has provided temporary relief for now anyway.

    I have not disabled the suggested “Custom Favicon” plugin as of yet as the site is currently running on WordPress 4.0.
    Very tempted to click the update WordPress button but I’m afraid that this might cause further issues. Also 29 plugin waiting to update. :0
    Are my fears warranted?

    jack randall


    don’t just click the update button!!! back up your site, database, home directory, everything.

    deactivate all your plugins, revert back to the default theme and then upgrade the core.

    once you’ve done that, go back to your chosen theme and see if there are any issues; then you should upgrade any plugins you’re using (assuming they’ve been updated to meet the requirements of wp 4.3.) and then reactivate them one by one, each time checking the site to see if things have broken.

    it’s a process and a tedious one but if you’re already having issues there’s no sense pouring gasoline on a raging fire!

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