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  • Help anyone! I upgraded to 3.0.1 and activated my plugins now I get a white screen when I go to my post page and main plugin page. I tried to deactivate the seo plugin and super cache and when I click the update button I only get a white screen, when I go back the plugins thay are still activate. Anybody got any ideas? Thank You.

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  • Log in via FTP or via your hosts control panel and delete or rename the folders that contain the plugins in question. Your site should then recover and you can test the plugins one at a time to see which one is causing the problem.

    Thank You Obscure Member, That solved the problem. I apologise for not getting back to you sooner but I have had a lot of problems with white screens lately and just had to walk away for awhile.

    I traced the problem to the akismet plugin. It white screened as soon as I activated it, I went into my plugin folder and deleted it and my site was fine again. I downloaded it again thinking maybe the file was corrupted during the upgrade but the same problem happened again.
    Do you know of a different plugin to take its place?

    Thank You for all your help


    Bad Behavior ( another excellent anti spam plugin.

    Having said that, the fact that you are having problems with Akismet leads me to think there may be issues with your server’s config. Akismet is one of the most widely used plugins as it comes as standard with WP and while it may be triggering the white screen problem it almost certainly isn’t actually the cause of it. I am not an expert but I have been hanging around here long enough to know that the majority of White screen issues are usually server related – mainly due to PHP configuration if memory serves me. That means you may encounter this problem again in the future.

    Thank you for the reply. I have been using that plugin for over a year now with no problems only since I did the upgrade did this start.
    Any suggestions on how to check php settings or where I can get more information on checking this? I’m not to swift when it comes to php.

    Thanks Rich

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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