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    I have been running my church website on WordPress (now at v5.1) using the theme Esteem (v1.4.2) by Theme Grill using Firefox v66.0b13. Last week I started getting a white screen when I try to edit any page. I can’t think of any change that might have led to this (e.g. new plug-ins). Interestingly, the widget that allows a common block to be displayed on all pages is still editable.

    I have tried the following, none of which have worked:
    1. cleared my browser cache
    2. deactivated all plug-ins
    3. changed the theme to Twenty Nineteen
    4. reverted to Classic Editor
    4. used Internet explorer and Edge as alternative browsers
    5. logged in via my mobile using Chrome

    Any suggestions?

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  • Hello,

    This usually means might be the upgrade to V5.1 didn’t happen properly.

    Please install the health check plugin and report back its findings:


    There are two reports:
    WP Healthcheck: Your MariaDB version (5.5.59) is compatible with the current WordPress install. However, the WordPress team recommends you upgrade your server to 10.0 or greater.
    WP Healthcheck: Your site is not currently using HTTPS. This is insecure and can negatively impact your search engine rankings. Please contact your developer(s) and/or hosting company to enable HTTPS for you as soon as possible! Let’s Encrypt offers free SSL certificates!

    This URL will guide you on how to check and troubleshoot with health checkup.


    I have now uploaded and activated the correct Health Checker.

    I have removed the unactivated plugins and unused themes.

    In the Troubleshooting mode, it removed all the active plugins and used the Two Thousand and Nineteen theme. The screen still went white after I tried to edit a page. I have come out of Troubleshooting mode.

    What information from the Health Check would help diagnose the problem?

    I still have the problem that I cannot update my website – I just get white pages when I click the edit option.

    It’s been suggested that the upgrade to WordPress v5.1 might be the cause. How do I test a downgrade?

    Any other suggestions?

    Several people are reporting this problem. It’s possible it may be hosting-specific. You might consider adding your comments to this trac:

    I got someone to investigate and it appeared that my host put tracking pixel code in too many files – including one called tinymce.min.js. This meant that that broke, so he turned the tracking pixel off and after some fiddling (not sure what) it worked. It then stopped working again on my laptop that evening but by the next day WordPress had been upgraded to v5.1.1. and it’s back working.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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