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    Irregardless of theme being used (default, classic, 3rd party), when a visitor, not admin, posts a comment they are then faced with a white page on submit. As mentioned when I post a comment as admin the posting occurs normally and refreshes properly.
    Discussion Settings:
    Default article settings – all checked.
    Email me whenever – all checked (aside – I never receive email on comments).
    Before a comment appears – Comment author must fill out name and e-mail checked.
    Comment moderation – default 2 links, no ips specified, no blacklists

    The comments are inserted into db and do show up to the visitor on refresh. Problem occurs – tested in FireFox, IE 7, and Safari. Occurs on wp-comments-post.php.
    You may post a test comment here:

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  • Keilya


    I had this problem a while back although mine was inclusive of the admin. I found it to be a plugin problem I believe….so try disabling all your plugins and trying again to see if it works.

    @fantasycrusader isn’t that special – good call and thank you. I deactivated all and comment posting appears to be working normally. Will bring them back one at a time and test until I find the culprit. I’ll let you all know the verdict in a bit.
    Thanks much!

    The issue with white screen, no refresh, following comment posting was related to the CForms II plugin. Oddly, I was not using this plugin for comment form, only for contact form on static page.



    Well plugins do a lot of funny stuff….so there haha. So normally if there’s any funny behaviour, it’s better to see if any plugins rather than the WP backend is doing it. Anyway, glad it’s solved!

    Me too, blog is running better than it has since I migrated. New troubleshooting workflow, disable all plugins then test issue.
    Thanks again!

    I have tried all of the above and I am still getting a white screen, but only when I try to leave a comment at . Other people have no problem commenting, just me.

    Also, to enable popup comments I put <?php comments_popup_script(); ?> just above <?php wp_head(); ?> in the header.php. Was that the correct way to enable popup comments?


    @divamaggie sorry I didn’t get back here – have been super busy. What version of WP are you running – I would upgrade to 2.5 if your not current.
    The only two areas that I am aware of which provide configuration for comments are: discussion and user profile in your admin. Related to having comment popups, no help here – but I would recommend removing any extra code until you get everything working.
    That is probably about the best I can do, just came over to WP a couple months ago and not a PHP developer.

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the reply 😉
    I’m using version 2.5. I’m having the exact same problem as you were with the white screen, but only when I (admin) try to leave a comment. Others have no problem. I have all the same settings as you, tried disabling all plugins, but still just a white screen when I try to post.

    Maybe you might try to go through the upgrade process again as detailed in the upgrade docs
    Possibly something became corrupted during your upgrade process that could be resolved by replacing the files on your server per the upgrade process??
    Also, test your issue in the classic theme as well, looks like your using the default, maybe it could be an issue in your theme. Did you replace the default and classic folder contents in upgrade?

    I actually had the “WordPress Install4Free team” do a fresh install of 2.5 for me this time. I have upgraded WordPress many times on my own, but this time I lost all. Are you talking about doing a fresh install again?

    I actually already tested the classic theme and when I am logged in to wp-admin and try to make a comment on my blog, I just get a white screen.

    No kidding, I would get back with them and tell them that there is an issue. Not a fresh install, the upgrade process – its just a matter of copying over the WP files and folders and running upgrade.php per the docs. When I did this last Friday I literally had 15 minutes of file ftp and less than a minute to run upgrade.php.

    I got back to them, but they told me to come here to the support forums 😉

    DivaMaggie… did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same problems, also had Install4Free do an install… and still – WSOD – White Screen of Death.

    Very frustrating to say the least!


    Yes I battled with the WSOD for quite some time. I tried those previously posted suggestions in vain:
    -I went ahead and updated to the latest version of Word Press (2.6.2).
    -I deactivated every plug-in as recommended.
    -I even cracked a beer in frustration

    Nothing helped.
    However I DID find a solution. One huge variable in site design is the theme. Posting comments seem to work wonderfully when I switched to a more common/standard theme such as “WordPress Default” amongst others, while would predictably give the WSOD on other less common ones such as “Cloudy”.

    Not surprisingly the code for properly posting comments is basicly dependent on 2 files (one of which is theme related). The first of which, located in your primary WordPress installation directory, is called “wp-comments-post.php”. The second of which, located in the directory of the theme being used, is called “comments.php” (not rocket science, eh?). Knowing that the theme “WordPress Default” had a functional “comments.php” file I simply copied and pasted it into the “Cloudy” theme directory (overwriting the troublesome original). Ta Da!

    After thorough testing of my site (using the now modified Cloudy theme) I’ve found it to work beautifully. And yes cracked another bottle of the sauce.

    I’m sure that would explain why, dear friends, a clean reinstall of WordPress wouldn’t necessarily fix your problem. An engine overhaul and a new transmission will never fix a flat tire… or maybe it would in both cases if you did it 5+ times 😉

    I do know that the complex web of variations in plug-ins, posts, permissions, and WordPress versions on any given project can make things a shade unpredictable, but the point is keep trying different themes until you find one that works for your setup starting with the most common/default.

    Best wishes and happy tinkering!

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