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    Hi, this has happened suddenly to my main site

    I’ve noticed this happened as 3.2 became available? Or maybe this is a coincidence and should be ignored.

    I suddenly get nothing when I go /wp-admin on the end of my site. I was logged in at the time and all blog pages where white screens as well.

    However, my other sites work OK. And works when I’m logged out. I just can’t get back in.

    What was I doing at the time? I was putting in a php.ini in .php/5.3/ on the user root of my server and I had just deleted a info.php on the root of the site.

    Is it possible I deleted something else?

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  • Weird. I’ve just renamed my plugins folder plugins_old and created a new folder called plugins and I got:

    W3 Total Cache Error: some files appear to be missing or out of place. Please re-install plugin or remove /home/

    I then reverted the plugins folder change and now I get

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /home/ on line 1037

    Whereas before it was WSoD.

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    I just upgraded using W3TC and had no issues (I’ve also been using it on 3.2-RCs for a while) so I think it’s more likely that it’s something else. Can you rename the plugins folder to plugins-old and the ONLY copy over the w3tc folder to a new plugins folder?

    Other wise, you’ll want to remove/rename advanced-cache as well.

    Actually, my host just fixed it by adding the debug code to wp-config and then deleted and re-entered a couple of lines of code in wp-db.php – this is her exact words:

    I turned on the debug and it showed that there was something
    strange with the wp-db.php file. I fixed that (it looks like it just
    wanted to have a couple of lines deleted and re-entered) and I can now
    get the Dashboard login page to work.

    Weird thing has happened since then. I don’t get “WordPress 3.2 is available! Please update now.” Even though I’m still on 3.1.4 –

    My other sites have the update reminder.

    I asked her for further clarification and this is what she came back with:

    I really wish I could tell you what I did — I was mucking around in that
    file, trying to comment out lines to see if just removing the ones that
    were causing the errors would fix it.

    Nothing I did worked, so I restored the file back to what it was before
    (I didn’t copy over a new file from the core install, although I
    considered it) — and it magically started working.

    I chalked it up the strangeness of computers, but I can’t tell you
    exactly what, I’m sorry!

    And, “WordPress 3.2 is available! Please update now” notice is there now, after I went to Dashboard > Updates…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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