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  • Earlier on I tried to deactivate a plugin called Pretty Links Lite and immediately the whole admin panel became a white screen. I figured I should try to delete the plugin via FTP but that didn’t fix it so I tried to delete all of the plugins figuring there must be a conflict and then I found no site at all… In retrospect though it’s possible I lost it all immediately because I as probably viewing the home page through the cache.

    I went and found a backup on the server from a few hours before and uploaded that to the server. Then I found the home page looking normal but if I clicked on any link I got a 404 error. I tried once more to upload the same files and now all I have is a white screen and it’s impossible to login at wp-login.php because it’s just a white page.

    Does anybody know how to fix this? It’s driving me mad.



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  • I went and found a backup on the server from a few hours before and uploaded that to the server

    Please , explain , do you upload the content or core files ????

    I uploaded everything that was shown in the blog directory i.e. themes, plugins etc. etc.

    You might try deactivating your theme by just renaming the “themes” directory (in wp-content) – you don’t have to completely delete it. At that point, you’ll get a white screen on teh front end, but you might be able to get into your backend.

    If that doesnt work, try the same thing with your plugins directory (just rename it). If you still can’t get the login screen (at to load, you’ll have to figure out what is wrong with your backups (or your backup restore process).

    Also – when you had the second issue (the 404 one) – that is usually just a .htaccess problem, which is common when restoring from backup. If that happens again, just go login, go to settings->permalinks, and click “save”, and it should be taken care of.

    I’ve renamed the themes folder to themes2 and the plugins to plugins_old but but I am still just getting a white screen and unable to login to the admin panel. The actual URL for the blog is and you’ll see that it tries to load for a second and then just stops.

    I have two different lots of backups. One is done by the system using a cron script that backs up all the user files from every site and I grabbed this from there. There is another backup done by wordpress that makes daily backups so I’ll try with that one.

    I also wrote to the developer of Pretty Links to see if he had any suggestion but I haven’t had a reply yet.

    404 pages in WordPress are most often caused because of a change in the permalink structure of the site. If a site owner changes the permalink structure of their WP blog, they’re likely going to end up with incoming links pointing to pages that are no longer located at a particular address .
    Goto Dashboard -> General and check :
    WordPress address (URL) and Site address (URL) , they must reflect your domain .

    The problem is that I can’t get in the dashboard. Everything is just a white screen now including the admin login page.

    Let’s recap :
    1)Plugin folder renamed
    2)Theme folder renamed .
    And you can’t access you site Home and admin-panel ??

    1) Core files wp-admin and wp-includes folder .
    2)Some plugins save configurations in the database or even create custom tables . Try to explore your database . Of course the plugin developer can provide more information .

    Yes, plugins folder and theme folder renamed but I can’t access the home page or the admin panel.

    Inside the FTP I can see wp-includes, wp-content, wp-admin and all the other normal files like wp-config.php. I’m trying to contact the developer of Pretty Links again.

    I think given the fact that after the first restore, you could access your front page, it’s a pretty safe bet that something went wrong the second time you tried restoring.

    You could try reinstalling wordpress via FTP:

    1. Download from
    2. Unzip it
    3. Upload everything except wp-content to your server (you should upload into the directory that contains wp-config.php, and you should choose “replace” when asked to)

    Doing that will give you a fresh wordpress install, with access to your old database. If you’ve still got the plugin and theme folders renamed, there’s no chance of interference there, so if you still can’t log in (you’ll still get a white screen on the front page because your themes folder is renamed – just go straight to, then there has to be something wrong with your database. (Ok, to be thorough, it could still be drop-ins, but those are unlikely unless you were using a caching plugin).

    Ashley, if you’re fed up with messing with it, if you can email me in the next 5 minutes (click on my name to go to my site, and then use the contact form), I could probably get in and fix the issue before I head home for the night.

    OK I can try doing as you suggested Peter and upload the fresh install of WP now to see if that works but I’ve sent you a quick email a second ago, so you have my email.

    No that hasn’t worked either. Yes I do have some cache plugins…

    Try to edit the permalink directly on the database.
    Login your database via your webinterface and locate (say your prefix table is wp_ ) wp_options table .
    Two records define the permalinks :
    1) optionID 1 (siteurl)
    2)and optionID 37 (home) .
    Edit the “option value” of these fields to your domain .

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