[resolved] White Screen of Death on Server Port (2 posts)

  1. natebarlow
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am porting all of my sites to a new server. Most are WordPress blogs; and all but one are operating perfectly on the new server. That one, however, is getting the dreaded WSOD.

    I am getting the WSOD when trying to load any page, so I can't even get into admin. So far I have tried (with no luck):

    1. Renaming plugins folder to deactivate them.
    2. Moving all themes except default out of theme folder.
    3. I don't see the whitespace issue in the default's function.php (doesn't mean it might not be in my theme, but since I am still having the WSOD with default theme, that's something to be explored once I resolve this and reactivate my them).
    4. Tried define memory in wp-config
    5. Tried going back to the sample wp-config and reentering everything based on that.

    The only thing which gave me any glimmer of hope is simply renaming the sample wp-config (no changes) and getting the database connection error. At least it's trying to do something.

    Considering that I used the exact same procedure to transfer this site as the others, I'm at a loss.



  2. natebarlow
    Posted 5 years ago #

    OOPS! Did not intend to post this is Installation. My apologies--don't see how to delete it or simply move it.

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