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  • I have succesfully connected wordpress to my website that i’m hosting at

    Everything works like a charm, exept after uploading my own theme i cant log in on my /wp-login.php/ directory. It just shows a blank page.

    I simply renamed the theme i installed through my ftp and it works again.

    But i DO want MY theme.

    I have been trying to come up with a solution for 3 days now but i cant figure it out??

    i have tried the “.htaccess-option”
    i have tried the “functions.php-option”
    i have tried the “changeset-option”
    i have tried the “blankspace-option”


    thank you in advanced – please help me!

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  • There is clearly a problem with your theme. You need to take a look at that in order to fix the problem.

    Often white screens are a functions.php problem, perhaps whitespace after the closing ?> tag.



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    how did you test run your theme?
    is it working in a local installation?

    try to upload it without trying to activate it;
    then use the theme check plugin on it:

    Mark Wilkinson – thats what i meant with the “functions.php-option” . I have looked for and removed whitespace in that file and still no succes.

    alhcymyth – i have also removed all my plugins as someone told me they could be the cause. thanks for your tip, i will try it out and tell you how it went.

    thank you for your quick answers!


    It seems something is wrong, doesn’t it ? but why a white screen when i try to login?

    help a newbie out here please!!



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    nothing in the screenshots that would indicate why the theme would cause a white screen.

    but why a white screen when i try to login?

    does this mean, that you can activate the theme?

    and it shows ok?

    and only after logout, that a new login attempt is causing the white screen?

    no transient error messages?

    alchymyth – exactly right! the theme shows just fine but after i log out and try to log in again, the blank screen appears, any thoughts?

    no one can answer this? come on guys!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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