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    Here lately about 5-7 wp websites I’m supporting have gotten this odd white screen. It happens at all different times, sometimes when you update a page, sometimes when you edit a page, sometimes after you’ve just been logged in for a long period of time and you’re updating. There’s no solid connection between all of these sites. They all use different plugins. This is really killing us at our company trying to support this- any information we can get would be super, really great!!

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  • A blank screen usually implies a Database issue, whether it’s in your theme, your plugins, or a corrupted install of WP. Try disabling your plugins by renaming that folder under /wp-content and see if that solves it. That could narrow it down to a plugin issue. Try switching to the default theme by deleting or moving all the other themes from /wp-content/themes. That could single out a theme issue. Try re-installing WordPress to see if you just happened to have a corrupted installation. What host are you with?

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    Well that’s just it, there’s about 4 or 5 of my client’s doing it- all different hosts, plugins, etc. It just started happening within the last 2 months. I’m not sure if it’s someone on my team doing something or if it’s a certain combination of plugins or what exactly. We just did a fresh install on one and so far it appears it’s fixed the issue. I just hate to do that every time it shows up- that’s a major deal.

    also could be running out of php memory
    try adding this line to wp-config.php

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

    I get the same problem, I was working with some plugins activating and deactivating and than there was only a white screen.
    I can get to the wp-login.php in firefox or chrome, but when I enter user and password it’s just white.
    I’m running wordpress on MAMP.
    I’m still able to check the site itself. I removed all the plugins from the plugins folder. Tried the define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);
    but doesn’t work. Any help would be great!

    I’ve seen this both with database timeout and with PHP memory issues, so whoever is seeing this problem look into both possibilities. @nicolaaas, just last week I had to kick PHP memory all the way up to 96M to resolve a memory issue. 64M might not be enough.

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    For me the memory fix seems to be working- we’ve tried it on two sites so far and no more white screen of death!!! Thank you so much samboll kisses and hugs to you!!! What a nightmare it is when you have that happening on multiple sites you support at once. However we use a lot of big plugins and eventually it always happens- now we know why!!! Thanks for taking time out of you day to answer – you rock!

    For me it’s not working I even tried ‘160M’ it’s stays white.

    @nicolaaas – Have you tried switching to the default theme by temporarily moving all the other themes from /wp-content/themes? I’ve had that issue with syntax errors in my functions.php.

    For me it’s not working I even tried ‘160M’ it’s stays white.

    mu post was not a fix-all
    just one possibility

    when I’m moving all themes I cannot load my blog anymore.
    I can load my blog when i have my own theme.
    Are there more possibilities i can try?

    have you tried renaming the plugins folder which will deactivate all plugins?

    now I got it to work, without any plugins, but when I’m putting the plugins back, one by one the problems are comming back.
    It happens when I’m clicking on activate or deactivate. And it doesn’t matter what plugin i’m activating or deactivating. When I click it goes white.


    When I remove what’s comming after /wp-admin/ I’m back on my dashboard. And when I’m back at my plugins it is actually deactivated. I can click to activate again, and than it happens again.

    the plugins I tried are shadowbox-js, php exec, Netlife’s tag cloud (fat cloud)

    I just found out it happens every time I try to safe a setting. Anywhere in the admistration panel. I can remove everything after wp-admin/ and the setting is saved and I can continue till I save something again.

    let me try to reproduce it on one of my local installs

    I foundthis/ post.
    It had something to do with the functions.php. I removed the blanks between two functions and now it’s working again. So you have to have all your functions after each other?

     'fuction 1'
    'function 2'

    no spaces in between?

    Thanks for all the help!

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