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  • There was a post about this but I couldn’t reply cause the conversation was closed. We are just starting to work with wordpress and I was testing out different templates. I went to test out one so I clicked activate and tried to view my page and there was the white screen. I wasn’t able to log into my wordpress admin area or anything. We have had this happen three times now and only thing we have been able to do to get wordpress account back is to reload wordpress but in doing this all our information pages, discussion board etc are gone. Our page seems to be set back to maybe a “default” page? I am wondering whath happens once we are in full use of this and blogging away and “bam” everything gets lost again. In the other posts I have seen people had to update some function.php but I am not sure where that is or even if that will help alleviate the problem.

    I am just really worried all our info will be lost once we start to blog and really dive into wordpress. I currently have the page back up but hesitant about spending time on it and the white screen appearing again.

    Is there a back up that you can do with wordpress in case this happens again so that all your information and posts are not deleted?

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    If you get a white screen it’s definitely because there’s something wrong with the theme functions.php files.

    I would recommend that you find a good, reputable theme ( stick to the ones on ) and just stick with one. Once you have the theme, then you can start adding your content. Your content are stored in the database, so even if you get the screen again, you don’t loose anything.

    What you want to do when this happens (and hopefully it won’t anymore 🙂 )
    is via FTP, go to your themes folder and delete or rename the theme you just activated which gave you the white screen.

    Once you’ve deleted the faulty theme, the default theme (2012) will be activated and your site will be back to normal.

    Good luck.

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