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  • i am fresh to wordpress…
    because of changing some code in header.php, my blog turned into white screen of death~ so, i deleted everything in my ftp and database as well. After that, i upload everything again and try to surf /wp-admin/install.php but it is white screen of death.


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  • You may enable debugging in wp-config.php file to see any errors.

    i have changed the wp_debug value to true. so where can i see if there is any errors?

    If there are any errors, you’d see it on the browser window.

    If you still don’t see anything, try clearing your browser cache, delete anything inside .htaccess file and see if the installation process starts.

    If the above step doesn’t work, then you might want to check if php works at all, by creating and uploading something like test.php with the content…

    <?php echo 'PHP works!'; ?>

    Finally check out one of the troubleshooting sections.

    Hope this helps.

    i have uploaded the test.php <?php echo 'PHP works!'; ?>

    but it is still white screen…

    my URL is

    can you please help me?

    It looks like .htaccess file redirects everything to the home page.

    There are two options…

    1. Once you log into your site’s FTP, please find the file named .htaccess. It is usually hidden by default. Depending on which FTP software you use, you may find the instructions in its help pages to see hidden files. Once you enabled this option, you may see .htaccess file. Check, if there is any code in there. If there is some code, backup this code and empty this file. Now, you would probably see test.php and other WordPress stuff.

    2. If you don’t have any other domains with this account, please contact your web host, explain the situation and ask them to wipe out everything on your site to start from scratch. As you mentioned, WordPress worked initially for you. Only after changing something in the header.php, everything went wrong.

    sorry…. my URL is

    It looks like your web host uses IIS. I could see it works fine with HTML files (, but doesn’t load any PHP files. I’m no expert in IIS. I never worked with IIS. Sorry.

    BTW, would this link help you? Also kindly search the forum for IIS for any issues with IIS based hosts.

    ok. May i know what IIS is?

    It is a web server just like Apache and Nginx.

    ok… so is it my web host problem?

    Most likely, it is.

    ok. i will contact my service provider~ thanks for your time and your help….

    This must be the worst New Year ever! In a fit of optimism and resolutions to stay up-to-date, I tried to update all my plugins and the version of WordPress I am using.
    Rather stupidly, I also tried to update WordPress without first disabling plugins.
    The net result is that the website ( is dead. I can’t even access the WordPress Dashboard ( Chrome tells me there is a “HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error)”.
    I’ve spend the last day crawling over this and other forums and I’ve tried the following without any success:
    1. Plugins–Disabling plugins by renaming them. Yahoo host the site and in their directory I changed ‘plugins’ to ‘plugins.hold’ but this had no effect. Creating an empty ‘plugins’ folder similarly achieved nothing.
    2. Wp-config issue–I’ve checked the last part of my wp-config file and there is no extra space after the closing “?>”tag
    3. Themes–I changed the name of the theme (Suffusion) in an attempt to force WordPress to return to the default theme but this had no effect. I mean, the page is still dead. Changing the folder name to ‘themes.hold’ also had no effect.
    4. Yahoo has a snapshots facility and I’ve changed hundreds of files back to what they were a couple of months ago but the site and the WordPress admin page is still dead.
    After 8 hours of this, I’m about to throw in the towel. Is there anything else I can do?

    Hi Ministry Fox,

    Please create a new thread so that someone with the relevant knowledge may find this thread.

    From what I see, the error is something to do with the hosting environment, even though the error was created during the upgrade process of WordPress.

    Thanks Pothi
    I’ve just created a new post, actually, after having seen other people being equested to do the same.
    If it is the hosting environment, and if what people say on this forum about Yahoo support is true, then it could be a very bad year for my website…
    Thanks for replying!

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