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    Not sure what you did there mate, with the latest update from few minutes ago, but all I got after updating is WSOD after loging out of website.

    Had to rename plugin using ftp, then deactivate it.

    Have to add that I didn’t even activate maintenance mode, all I did was plugin update?

    Any ideas?

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  • I just got the same, had to disable the plugin to get site back up (backed still worked, thankfully). This needs addressing ASAP.

    Same here, after upgrading to 3.4 the site disappeared when I’m logged out.

    Hey guys

    I have just updated the maintenance plugin to v3.4 from v3.3 on multiple sites that I maintain.
    There appears to be a rather large bug with the new version it’s causing a White Screen to display for guest users (users that are not logged in to the website), this may possibly extend to users that are logged in that do not have admin privileges.

    I have enabled wp debugging mode but unfortunately, there are no errors on screen or in any of my logs that I can forward on to you.

    WordPress Version:4.7.3
    Maintenance Plugin Version: 3.4
    PHP v5.6 (FPM)


    To update what I touched on in my post regarding users logged in:
    The bug ONLY affects guests, users, it is not present at all for a user once logged into the affected website regardless of their access level or permissions.

    p.s apologies for the double post.

    Same here! White Screen of Death just for guests but works fine when I’m logged into the site. Problem solved by deactivating Maintenance Plugin v3.4.

    Same on my site. White screen only.
    Activating Maintenance mode shows the maintenance screen, so that works 🙂

    De-activated the plugin and site works as usual.
    Will there be a fix or better to install another plugin for this?

    Author’s are looking into the bug right now, I have them on a private support ticket, will update you all once they get back to me.


    Our developers solved this issue.

    Version 3.4.1. is available. Please, update your plugin to the latest version.

    Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.


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    Cheers mates!

    Happy Easter!

    Awesomeness, Happy easter all!

    I updated to the latest version but I still have the white screen. And I installed on a new website and it worked. SO I desctivated and deleted it from my current website, reinstalled it but it still showing the white scree, this is the url for you to check:
    Any ideas?


    We have just checked your website and issue is not by reason of our plugin.

    And this not due to issue which was fixed. Your website can not be loaded in general, not white screen, please, see error in your console.

    It could be due to conflict with one of our plugins. Try to deactivate them one.


    I deactivated all my plugins but Maintenance mode, and still the same problem :/

    Hello @carolaword.

    We have just checked your website and happy that you solved your issue with that error.

    Your website works great.


    Hi. I’m actually not using your plugin on that and other websites I have. Yours is the only one I found that has a frontend login.
    I did noticed that it doesn’t work with a theme I use a lot. IMPREZA you can find it in themeforest. On my other websites it works as it should.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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