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  • Please I need help!!!

    I designed a website a few weeks ago which was working fantastic. Then all of a suddden the dashboard disapeared when logging in. Also I would get a error message of ‘error 500 Internal error’ whenever I tried to save anything.

    I have literally been searching the internet for the past 6 hours trying to find a soluion. I have changed the name of my plugin folder. I have deleted my plugin folder. I have changed the file name Index.php to .html. I have added lines of code to increase my php memory file. The only thing that worked is changing the theme to the default theme. OK great, by doing that my dashboard now shows, but why? Why has my chosen theme suddenly decided to stop allowing me from seeing my dashboard. How can i revert back to the theme that I want to use.

    I am new to wordpress and I would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance

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  • esmi


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    Your theme is broken. Try looking in your server error logs for clues as to where the issue might be.

    Thanks for the reply Esmi, but why would my theme suddenly break when it was working fine? I am totally new to wordpress and this is unfuriating!

    Ok so I deleted the theme and reistalled it but it is still not working. How can i get my theme to work again.

    Please please please is there anybody that can offer me some help.



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    Try looking in your server’s error logs.

    Did you update wordpress or any plugins?

    Do you have ftp access outside of wordpress? ONLY ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU CAN UPLOAD via FTP OUTSIDE OF WORDPRESS.
    Try this: copy your themes function.php file and save to your computer. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT.
    Now, in appearance/editor in wordpress, go to functions.php and delete all the content. Press save.

    If your site is still broken, you’ll know right away. If that happens, open your ftp program and upload the functions.php you saved on your computer. YOU CANNOT DO THIS FROM WITHIN WORDPRESS IF THE SITE IS TOTALLY BROKEN.

    If it works, play around in the site to see what functionality is missing, then you can edit functions.php to figure out which bit was causing the problem.

    As long as you can revert to a functions.php that works, you can edit that file. It’s only scary at first.

    Otherwise, edit a different theme that is working to look the way you want. As long as you’ve got the html, template codes, and css that should be fairly easy.

    after over 15 hours of trying to fix this problem i found this website and creating the php.ini file has fixed my problem.

    Thank you all for your posts to try and help me.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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