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  • Hi,
    my wordpress Installation just gives blank pages. there shouldnt have been any changes, but i dont know for sure, because i dont use this installation. i did already check the apache2 logs (no errors) and renamed the plugin folder without any success.
    can someone help me how to fix it? i did already google the problem but nothing works for me


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  • noone knows how to fix this?

    before we start yelling to reconfigure your server to output PHP errors/warnings (which you can setup in your php.ini), it might be a good idea to sum up the things you tried…

    or at least put a php file with this in it, in your WP installation:


    And open that with the browser. It’ll tell you what’s what.

    this is the info.php file of my server

    i tried to search errors, didnt find any, and thats it, sry that im so stupid but i rly dont know what to do more…

    I have had that happen before and it was due to a lost connection with the database. Log into your hosting account and verify that the database information referenced in your wp-config.php file is correct.

    I’m having the same issue – could you be more specific please as I think I may need to change the d/b info int he wp-config.php file but I dont know what to change it to. Thanks – really just blindly trying to get a blog going for a friend and utterly failing.

    DB should be easy as pie.

    If the server is all yours, you *should* know how to create a database and make a username/password for it. If not, find someone who knows what he’s doing 😉

    If it’s a shared hosting environment, then your hoster should provide a DB-server address (could be localhost, but may as well be an IP-address), database-name, username and password.

    Fill it in and it should work.

    Funny thing is, if it doesn’t work, WP should tell you what’s wrong, afaik.

    i will check for the db connection (i remember now, it was reason for a whitescreen at installation) but since i didnt change anything, and my gf, who uses the blog does not have priviliges to neither change the wp-config nor the db password (and i really dont think, an attacker would hack my server, just to provoce a wordpress whitescreen) im not sure if its reason for the problem.

    i dont think that i know what im doing, like a systemadministrator does, but im not doing that bad xP

    and please excuse my english its propably not that good.

    edit: and excuse this whole thread: im really an idiot, looks like someone (me?!) shut down the mysql server, i will see if i can rename myself to “troll” SORRY!

    for the ones, who are experiencing the same issue:
    looks like a white screen comes from:
    – broken db connection
    – plugins
    – themes

    hosting provided by GoDaddy so presumably shared hosting. I’ve set up a database and changed the relevant fields in the wp-config.php file, but now I get directed to the welcome page i.e. wp-admin/install.php. I shouldn’t have to re-install this should I? Thanks alot for your help!

    i dont really understand, what you did already:
    have you installed the blog or just filled out wp-config?
    because after this, you have to install the blog first, thats why you are redirected to install.php

    I installed wordpress and created a blog using a theme template and hosted it locally using MAMP. I’m trying to upload it to a remote site hosted at GoDaddy. I thought all I needed to do was transfer all the files. If I install the blog will I lose all the posts which have already been created?

    see NemesisFS penultimate post – the d/b connection was faulty. here is a good tutorial to help with uploading wordpress from a local site to a remote site

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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