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    I moved a site today from old hosting server to a CPanel hosting account with GoDaddy.

    • Created a new database on the new hosting account and imported the backup sql file; updated wp-config.php to reflect the new location and login info. Checked random tables and all the data appears to be intact.
    • Uploaded all the site files from a backup via FTP (Filezilla) and I can view the files on the new server via CPanel File manager as well as Filezilla.
    • Got the WHITE SCREEN on the site as well as the admin panel
    • Added error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', 1); to wp-config.php, turned WP_DEBUG to true
    • Deactivated the plugin folder by renaming it; Deactivated custom child theme by renaming and letting WP find the default twentyfifteen theme
    • Changed the database password via CPanel, updated wp-config.php
    • Reuploaded a fresh copy of WordPress wp-admin, wp-includes, and root files

    I still get nothing but a blank white screen (no error messages, just nothing) at my site and at the admin and login URL’s, in both IE and Chrome, before and after clearing all caches. What else can I try?

    Navy Yard Association of Mare Island

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  • Sounds like a fatal PHP error causing the script to halt giving the white screen.

    I’d look for any PHP error_log files or wherever GoDaddy puts PHP errors to see what is going on.

    I tried loading the license.txt file which usually installs with WordPress just see if I could get anything but got a 404 page.

    Might also put a simple info.php in your blog’s directory with the following:


    Then execute it just to make sure that works and gives information about your PHP installation.

    I didn’t copy the license.txt file when I transferred files…it is there now and shows up when I browse to it directly.

    I also did as you suggested, Mark, and added info.php – and that gives me a white screen. Hmmmm…..

    In my CPanel, I’m showing PHP v. 5.5 is running. I can see the options that are set via CPanel. Continuing to explore and see what else may be the problem….

    You might also temporarily rename the .htaccess file in your blog’s directory just to make sure it isn’t doing something funky since that simple info.php file also isn’t working.


    An error_log showed up in my files on server; WordFence, a few weeks ago, had added a WAF Firewall, which added a user.ini file, and that path was not correct. I deleted the user.ini file and I am able to get into the Dashboard via wp-admin. Whew!!

    There are other issues it seems but I am confident I can resolve them – now that I can at least get to the dashboard.

    Site is back, up and running on the new server. Ugh, I wish it didn’t take all day to do this!! But it is up and running, it’s wine o’clock on Friday afternoon, and all is well.

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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