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  • i assumed i had plugin troubles and i tried the trick of renaming the plugins folder to plugins_old and making a new plugin folder. it did not work.

    so i reinstalled wp from my zip file, and just updated the wp_content folder since i had a theme in there i had customized.

    still the white screen.

    i had prior to this tried to delete two plugins from ftp, albumize and kpicasa. i got an error stating the were in use and could not delete them. so i just gave up on that. the folders were empty but they were still there.

    i don’t know what happened. how could i be getting a white screen after a reinstallation???

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  • Add this to your wp-config.php file:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

    nope. the login.php page shows up fine with the login forms. once i put the info in and hit enter, the URL still says login.php, the page doesn’t GO anywhere. but it turns white.

    is wp normally this frustrating, what with the plugins that make a white screen and all???

    which page is likely erroring? the login.php page or something beyond that>

    Just had this problem.
    2 plugins were causing it that needed to be deleted. W3TotalCache and WP-tuner.
    After deleting them and some other associated cache files all is well again!

    Same error here (I might have forgotten to deactivate all plugins prior to the update, which most likely is the reason why all has gone wrong). Indeed deleting cache plugin files from the server fixed the issue. Thanks.

    should i update to 3.0 maybe that will fix it???

    1) Delete the folders wp-includes and wp-admin. Then download a fresh copy of the zip file from and copy everything up. Yes, again. A file corruption can cause this.

    2) Rename your plugins folder to plugins-old (via FTP or SSH) and see if that fixes it. If so, make a new plugins folder and copy your plugins back, one at a time, testing between each copy.

    3) Add define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); to your wp-config.php file. This will at least give you an error. Take that error and google or post it to the WP Support forums.

    well what i did was just dl 3.0 and upload it, all of it, thru fetch. even the contents folder. so then when i’d browse to my blog i’d get just the white screen, no blog. obviously since my default theme was set to “thistle” but thistle was no longer in the themes folder. so i just reuploaded just thistle into the themes folder and the blog loads now, but same thing. i can get the log in screen but when i try to log in i get white, and at the very top it still says i’m on the wp-login.php screen.

    oh here’s one more. so from that white wp-login.php screen i replace the word in the url “login” with “admin” so trying to go to wp-admin.php

    i get the ole:

    Error occurred: 404 – not found
    Apache Server at:

    There is no wp-admin.php file, it’s a folder: wp-admin

    Did you disable your plugins?

    i installed the whole new 3.0 folder. the plugins folder is the default one now.

    Rename the plugins folder to plugins-old.

    The WP install doesn’t (shouldn’t) overwrite and delete what you had in there before.

    i actuallyrenamed the whole content folder content-x. so the new content folder is the default one from 3.0

    so if ALL Files in the new upload are new 3.0 files, except for the THISTLE theme folder, shouldn’t it work??

    is there something in the files that i uploaded that tells itself to display “thistle” as the theme, and now i’ve replaced it and have to go in and manually tell it that thistle is the theme?




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    Try renaming the thistle theme folder.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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