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  • I have been getting a white screen after every post that I do for my friend’s blog. The post will publish, but instead of taking me back to the dashboard, the screen just goes white.

    Any ideas on why this may be happening? Thanks in advance for any and all replies!

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  • I had exactly same problem. Gave up on it about 5 times. Then found out in my case it was Google Sitemaps (common plugin I think) not having quite enough memory (or possibly time). It tries to update (if you have this option set this way) every time you change a post or a page.

    So Go to “Settings” looking for the XML Sitemap link in the dropdown menu. This will take you to the options page for this plug in. Simply increase the memory limit (mine was set to 16M and when I got it to run it told me it used 18.8M, so it was “close but no cigar”.

    Hope this helps. Minimally seems to mean that somewhere not enough memory or time is specified in maybe another plug in as well.

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