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  1. keyelement
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I installed a couple of FB publishing Plugins...one of which when I activated did nothing...it said "This file does not have a header" or something to that effect.

    Then my Dashboard stopped working...when I click on any link off the main Dashboard screen it is nothing but white. So I logged out and logged back in, now the main Dashboard page doesn't even pull up.

    The problem also transfers to the site: http://www.totalplumbing.net/

    Home page pulls up, but any link you click will also pull up a white page.

    Maybe some sort of virus from the Plugin? Via FTP I deleted the two Plugins, however that hasn't helped anything.

    What to do?

  2. keyelement
    Posted 4 years ago #

    For now it is resolved.

    I went and changed the name of the Plugins folder to Plugins.hold....then created a new folder on the server called Plugins. I moved all the plugins into that folder and re-activated them one at time....all is well.

    Even though I deleted the other two Plugins, it didn't seem to change anything in the operation of the site and dashboard...for some reason creating a new folder was the answer.

    The only plugin that wouldn't work was the "Add This" plugin...it puts the social networking bar on your posts and pages...so maybe there was a conflict there for some reason....although it worked fine before the two new plugins...

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