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    Lost my site today loaded a plugin and the screen went white
    Couldn’t get into admin to take out offending item
    renamed plugins folder made a new one … nothing
    Renamed themes made new themes … nothing
    Saved db and wiped the whole site… 1 months work
    reloaded wp still nothing … help!

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  • My wp was working the day before yesterday. Then the display went entirely white. I still have my admin screen and all seems to be working, but when i go to view site, all i get is an entirely white screen. Have no idea what is wrong….all ideas helpful. My site is: the only thing i tried to do was to go back to the 2010 theme to practice along with a book i purchased!

    If you install a bad plugin that freezes your site, generally, the best approach is to use and FTP program, connect to the site, then delete the specific plugin folder, and then go back and try your site again. This will usually work.

    Also, if you re-loaded WP and your backup database, you’ll still have to restore all your media in the uploads folders (not sure if you did this or not). Good luck.

    I have not installed any plug-ins. I’m not sure how to reload wp. Could I have changed themes incorrectly to cause this?

    @akomar will send you to your login page. Try it and see if you can get to the dashboard to change themes.
    [edit] if it appears that you log in, but then get a “white screen” then try going back to again and let us know the result.

    Hi Benjamin,
    Yes I have used an FTP and tried the approach you said but still white screened.
    Reloaded Wp from scratch with no old data, no db or themes and still white screen.

    ok. i think the new theme finally posted; but i can’t get the title words out from behind the image at the top. how do i see the code in the new theme to eliminate the title text? …or do i need to start a new thread? Thanks Clayton.

    Hi Please start your new thread as my issues have not been resolved

    Take a backup and then use FTP to delete the current theme and all the plugins.
    Do that and post the result.


    Reloaded Wp from scratch with no old data, no db or themes and still white screen.

    Are you confident that your wp-config file has no errors? Sometimes something as simple as accidentally removing a single quotation mark during the config file creation, can be enough to cause a blank screen with no error messages.

    Got it going again by wiping everything including dbase (after back -up) and resetting php on server

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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