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  • i have a self-hosted blog, and one day, it disapearred. it only displays a white page, i can’t even acces the admin panel. every file looks ok according to my ftp access.
    i have no idea about how it occured, exepted that i installed Askimet some minuts ago.
    i signed in on to get an API key then i used it on the self hosted blog, i don’t know if i was allowed to or if it only works for blogs hosted on
    it worked correctly, then next time i tried to access the blog, it disappeared. i’m not even sure it’s got a link (already tried to remove it and stuff).
    right now, i just have a white page, that load anything.
    same thing happens when i try to load index.php or some other pp files in wp-admin.
    i really don’t know what to do.

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  • FTP in and delete Akismet. If Akismet is the issue, that will take care of it…

    as you can read it, i already tried to delete it but it has no effect. I’m not sure askimet has something to do with that bug, but it’s the only thing i did that could be responsible.
    But maybe it’s something completely different

    “as you can read it, i already tried to delete it but it has no effect.”

    I don’t see anywhere in that first post where you say you tried to delete Akismet.

    (Side note: using the API key on your self hosted blog is exactly what you’re supposed to do… so that’s not what did this.)

    FTP in, and completely remove the Akismet folder from your plugins folder. Then try again…

    Check your server logs buddy! If you have cpanel then check the error logs. Should tell you what the problem is.

    Or have your host roll back your account from the day before. Most hosts keep daily backups, if not better than that.

    If they wont do it for you or do keep backups then change hosts cause they suck! 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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