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  • Hi there,

    This is the first time I have encountered a problem in which the template does not appear, even in the source code, there are no HTML tags at all.

    I have done the following but it just does not seem to work.

      Tried different versions of WordPress
      Tried different templates (it works)
      Not a database issue as the content appears with other templates
      Turning off all plugins still does not seem to rectify the issue

    Note: The admin panel works perfectly

    I apologize if this is a repost, I was able to find threads that have a problem with the entire site just appearing as blank in general, however I can’t seem to find one where just the template is causing issues.

    Or if you anybody knows how to enable debugging, I could most probably solve that error. But I assumed if it were a PHP error it would have already been output to the screen.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated, a thank you in advance.

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  • Just an update, I have enabled debugging via WP_DEBUG and configuring the .htaccess to display php flag errors to on, yet still just a blank page.

    Hey hartech, did u check your css file for redundant tags? I had the same problem with a page not showing up at all in Safari (while it showed perfectly in all other browsers), and after 2 days of debugging and code brawling i found out it was because of a excessive tag in my css.

    also check your doctypes and charsets (make sure they’re the same for all pages/stylesheets)

    Thanks gen1ux the problem is the source of the page, nothing shows at all, meaning a stylesheet will never ever get loaded, which also means no doctypes nor charsets are being loaded.

    Also an update, it has nothing to do with the database, same results with different databases, this template won’t work but others do.

    Template works on localhost, yet all parameters are set correctly in the database and core WordPress settings hence why other templates work, there are no links to localhost on that template.

    There is not even any source code. SOS

    hey hartech, im pretty sure its due to faulty code in one of your template files (index.php, home.php, footer.php etc.)

    as i mentioned before, i had the same problem, and i solved it by cleaning up the css and php files related to that theme.

    The white screen doesnt mean wordpress didnt load any css or anything, WP probaly did load something, but it got stuck by a faulty script, stylesheet or html code, so thats why its not giving any browser output.

    so again, check up your templates php, css and include files.

    Thanks gen1ux, but it still does not explain why it works on a local server. The only thing that is different is the PHP versions used on the local server and the current hosting site, they are not far off.

    What are the two PHP versions?

    Thanks esmi,on localhost it is 5.3.1 and on the hosting server it is 5.2.13

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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