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  • I have a very simple minimalist site :

    What I’d like to be able to do is to co-brand the site.

    For example, if St. Generic Church partners with my site, then I can create for them and they can create a link to this url on their own website. When anyone enters via that url then I want the following to happen:

    – a different header is used (or different header elements – mainly a different header .gif and an additional link back to their own site)
    – the url continue to show which will also require that
    – all the links (including the menus) have the subdomain added

    Other than that, I want the experience to be exactly the same as if they had entered via Additionally,

    – I only want to post once
    – I don’t mind if it takes several hours to set up each new client
    – new clients do not need admin access
    – i’m less concerned with SEO (repeat content) than with getting the idea to work
    – I already know how to set up the subdomain stuff, it’s the WP swap out stuff I’m needing help with

    I’ve called several wordpress designers I found on the internet and the responses I’ve received are either “it can’t be done” (really??) or you have to use multisite (which I’m almost certain this is not what multisite is for).

    Thanks for your time.

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  • catacaustic


    very awesome

    The other WordPress designers are basically right.

    The reason that it can’t be done (easily) is that WordPress stores the main sites URL in the database and uses that every time that it creates any dynamic links. Because you can only store a single URL there it makes it pretty much impossible to set up multiple URL’s to work the same way. On top of that any links that are set up in your page/post content (including image URL’s) are hard-coded so they only use the URL that’s entered and there’s no changing it dynamically.

    A multi-site installation would work but you’d have to find a plugin that enables the content to be cloned to all of the sites. I haven’t seen one that does that yet (but in being fair I haven’t looked for this before) but there’s a chance that there’s something out there.

    After saying all of that… It is possible that it might be able to be done, but it’s a lot of work and as far as I know it hasn’t been done before due to it’s complexity.

    If it was me, I’d be looking at multisite and replicating the content.

    gotcha catacaustic, thanks.

    could it be done in a different way besides cloning? what if i were to make a whole new wordpress install in the sub-domain folder, copy the original wp-config, and child theme files to this folder and then adjust my child theme appropriately. is there something along that line that would work do you think? and if so, what pitfalls will i need to be aware of?


    additionally, replicating the content is not an option. imagine if we have 500 partners. that could take all day just to post.



    very awesome

    No, that won’t work – for the same raesons that I said above. As long as you’re using the same database, you’re using the same information for everything.

    The database holds the URL so that will always remain the same no matter where the site is located. Whilc you can set the URL in each wp-config.php file you still can’t ever get any of the hard-coded links to follow that.

    I know that you’re trying to think of ways to get around this, but it’s really going to be an up-hill battle for you to do it this way. The main raeson that no one’s bothered with this before comes back to your initial point of the SEO problems that it brings. Because of those exact issues it’s never been something that anyone’s put any effort into because it will cause all sorts of SEO problems.

    ok. then what if i settle for just a header swap out. is there a way to pass the info along that if you original entered via then your experience should use ‘these files’. session cookies type thing?



    very awesome

    You can set that up. It’s a little bit of coding but not as bad as it could be.

    You’d need to set up functions that check to see if there’s a cookie set and if not set it for the current site that’s being accessed. You can then use that cookie to determine which header to use. The hard part is going to come from trying to decide exactly when to record it and when it’s going to need to change.

    The safe way is to do it on the home page so that every time the homepage is visited the cookie is set. The downside to this is that if anyone comes to an internal page on a sub-site the cookie won’t be set correctly. The other way to do it i sto check the cookie every time and see if it’s valid. That’s going to be a lot harder to do because you’ll need to determine where users have come from, if they’ve been going through the site now or before and if the cookie needs to change based on where they are now. It’s not going to be easy to get that one right, but it is possible.

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