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  • I posted this in the standard forum and the moderator suggested I post it here. I’m not so sure multisite is the solution but I am taking the WP moderators advice. Original post below (thanks):
    I have a very simple minimalist site :

    What I’d like to be able to do is to co-brand the site.

    For example, if St. Generic Church partners with my site, then I can create for them and they can create a link to this url on their own website. When anyone enters via that url then I want the following to happen:

    – a different header is used (or different header elements – mainly a different header .gif and an additional link back to their own site)
    – the url continue to show which will also require that
    – all the links (including the menus) have the subdomain added

    Other than that, I want the experience to be exactly the same as if they had entered via Additionally,

    – I only want to post once
    – I don’t mind if it takes several hours to set up each new client
    – new clients do not need admin access
    – i’m less concerned with SEO (repeat content) than with getting the idea to work
    – I already know how to set up the subdomain stuff, it’s the WP swap out stuff I’m needing help with

    I’ve called several wordpress designers I found on the internet and the responses I’ve received are either “it can’t be done” (really??) or you have to use multisite (which I’m almost certain this is not what multisite is for).

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Well… You can do this with or without multisite, but in both ways, this is a BAD IDEA.

    You never ever ever EVER want to have 100% the same content in multiple blogs. Ever. Just … No.

    1) It’s a pain to keep in sync
    2) It’s bad for UI (people don’t know what’s the ‘main’ site)
    3) It’s horrible for seo.

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