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  1. Wanderlustjunkies
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    Hello, First I would like to say I am new to WP, so maybe this is a easy fix, maybe I am asking too much..lol. I have a blog http://www.wanderlustjunkies.com I am trying to get rid of the white frame around the header, I have read a few articles and watched some youtube videos, but none seem to explain, I think the people that they are explaining too are a bit more experienced than I am and know what to do, just dont know where to do it. I on the otherhand, do not. I am currently traveling the world and can not find anyone locally that can help me. so any help would be appreciated. I have come across 2 other web blogs both are using the same theme as I am one is http://www.gettingstamped.com and the other is http://www.hecktictravels.com I like how the getting stamped one has the same still image in the background, but the title moves with the page.

    Can someone please help make my site awesome :D

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  2. esmi
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  3. Howdy_McGee
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    First off that image is too small for the header - you could try to center it.

    As far as the border - there are a few things you need to do:

    #header-content - line 78
    Remove margin
    Remove padding

    #page - style.css - line 247
    Remove the background of "#eee"

    #banner - style.css - line 457
    Remove background-color: #fff;

    #site-logo - style.css - line 496 (This centers the header image)
    Add width: 1000px;
    Add margin: 0 auto;

    Now the hard part - in your header.php you need to remove the <form> so there's no search form.

    #searchform - you can CTRL+F that id and remove the surrounding <form> all the way until the </form>

    Lemme know if this helps.

  4. Wanderlustjunkies
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