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  • In regards to your header image, the white border doesn’t have anything to do with the CSS. The image itself has a white border around the left, right, and bottom. You’ll have to edit the image to remove the white.

    I’m not sure about the thumbnails. They’re not in the HTML code for the page, so whatever widget is responsible for displaying the sidebar isn’t including the thumbnails. I would double-check that they are actually supposed to be there (according to the widget information).

    ok i’ll take a look at the image again and see if I can figure it out.

    As for the sidebar, Im using the Reflection theme and there is “Sidebar” checkbox that if checked, should automatically display them. Guess it wasn’t that simple. Thanks for your reply!

    anyone else have any suggestions/ideas?

    thank you

    just an update:
    – the white border was embedded in the image (thx JPry)
    – as for the sidebar, new post has been created

    @united79 I’m not sure why your other thread was closed. You’re not using I think there was a misunderstanding due to the typo in your link (you put http://www.replayimage/ instead of

    To answer your question, I haven’t personally used any plugins that enable thumbnails in widgets, other than to find that they do, in fact, exist. I found one called “Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod”, but I don’t know much about it. It just enabled a thumbnail to appear on my testing site that I mentioned in the other thread.

    Noted! I thought I had to join the .com forum just to ask that connectio. Lol

    I’ve been reading up since the other post and learning quiet a bit so ty for at least pointing me in the right direction. I’ll be sure to read up on the one you suggested too. It might be just what I need.

    I appreciate the follow up

    @jpry I downloaded Advanced Most Recent Posts plugin, activated it and replaced it with the “recent post” in my widget like you suggested.

    when editing, I set the “title link” equal to and set the height and width to 100px just to try it out and nothing.

    any ideas what im missing?

    Did you try turning on any of the check boxes for the thumbnail? Such as “Get first image of post” or “Get first attached image of post”?

    yeah i have it checked. here’s what I have:

    Title: Recent Post
    Title Link:
    Hide Post Title: checked
    separator: “:”
    After Excerpt: “…”
    Link ‘After Expcerpt’ to post?: unchecked
    Show: Posts (from the dropdown)
    Number of posts to show: 3
    Number of posts to skip: 0
    Show posts in reverse order: unchecked
    Excerpt length (letters): 0
    Excerpt length (words): 0
    Thumbnail custom field name: null
    show author: unchecked
    show post timestamp: unchecked
    Time format: m/d/y
    Put Time: Before Title (from the dropdown)
    Categories: null
    Get posts from current category: unchecked

    Perhaps a silly question… are you sure that you have posts and not just pages? And that they actually have an image attached?

    Im positive they’re posts. I go to Posts in my WP admin and see an image under the “Image” column. Im assuming that’s what you mean by attached image.

    As well, I forgot to mention the following in my previous post:
    Width: 100px
    Height: 100px
    Get first image of post: checked
    Get first attached image of post: unchecked
    Default image: null

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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