• Many times I have to enter blocks then it goes in error. lately, it’s disturbing my site because some of the blocks are white for around 2 weeks! this is its absolute problem as I run it independently! It’s simple

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    Hello @ramikamil ,

    It is not simply possible to turn blocks white without doing anything on the Block Editor.
    Did you try our Gutentor support forum? If you describe your issue with a link or screenshot in detail, it will be easy to solve. The issue you facing shouldn’t be from the Gutentor plugin or is from changing some settings in the Block Editor.

    Best Regards!

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    @codersantosh This review is not something that should ever be reported. They’re not asking you for support, their review is it’s not working.

    As you are aware, there is not requirement to seek support before leaving a review. There never has been.

    If this becomes a support topic then it can be re-looked at. Right now it is not.

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    `Excuse me, friends… I’m new here & still, I need some time to take off.
    @jdembowski You are right this is not a support ticket… actually I sent them an email but I didn’t get feedback! so I came to express my idea about it.

    @codersantosh, many thanks for your kind advice! Actually, I’m new here, when I knew that they are counting on the volunteers’ efforts and because I don’t how it’s going on here; it seemed to me they are not available! maybe I’m mistaken! so I didn’t imagine that I can get support there! It’s worth trying it.
    Furthermore, regarding my issue which seems I’m going to post it in the forum, it made the page mess! some blocks are white in the editor and others are white on the rendered pages! some buttons are rendered just as text…etc.

    Best regrads…

    Plugin Contributor codersantosh


    Hello @jdembowski , thanks for your input. I got it.

    @ramikamil I thought your query was a support thread. It is okay.

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