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  • Hi Zoee,

    I am/was also having a problem with a png file with rounded corners.

    After uploading it via the Image Widget a new image was being created with square corners on the left, and my original rounded corners on the right.

    I had to use another widget to get past the problem.

    I’m having the same issue with PNGs. Zelky – what other widget/plugin did you use?

    Hi jmgood,

    I’m using “black studio tiny mce widget” to add the image instead. I could have used the standard text widget but I use “black studio tiny mce widget” instead as it makes it much easier for clients to edit content in the future.

    There is definitely a problem with the image widget since the WordPress 3.5 update.

    This is the site here –

    The image I was having problem is the blue “contact us now” button.

    The widget was creating a second version of the image with square corners on the left hand side but the pre existing rounded corners on the right were still rounded. Very bizarre!

    Have the same problem, and the image widget won’t let me get to the media library, so have to upload new image and can’t even get back to what I had before. Every new png upload gets a non-transparent background. Maybe I’ll try a gif or jpeg on white, just to test.

    Similar by odd problem with PNG files also. They display properly until I give the PNG a URL-Link and then the PNG turns goofy and looks like a GIF file in that the shadow behind text turns black and poorly displayed… not ok. So, I use JPG and this goes away (I just have to make the background color in the JPG to the background color of the page so that the float looks right.)
    PNG files are not being handled properly anymore for some reason. I think this may be WP 3.5 problem and not the plugin – but I am guessing.

    I’m not sure it is WP 3.5, I can place pngs directly into pages with no issues – only when I use this plugin they appear to have a white background rather than transparent.

    I did email Modern Tribe earlier in the week to notify them of this thread but they must not have looked in to it yet…

    Annoying as I’ve loads of sites using the plug-in!

    Plugin Author Modern Tribe, Inc.


    Hi folks, we’ve been getting the messages. Thank you Zoee in particular for pinging us directly. Unfortunately we have not been able to allocate resources to this as yet and since none of our paying clients have made a priority of it and no one in the community has submitted any fixes, this has been relegated to “things that Peter does in his spare time”. As such, we’ll likely have fixes out soon, but there is no specific date set.

    That said, if anyone comes up with some fixes, we’re happy to review them and possibly incorporate them.

    Cheers and happy holidays!

    Plugin Author Peter Chester


    So I’ve just tested a PNG with transparency in the image widget on a brand new install of wordpress 3.5. It worked fine.

    I have 2 ideas as to why I’m suddenly seeing all this traffic about PNG problems.

    1. In 3.5, I think WordPress updated the graphics engine to support swapping between GD and Image Magick depending on your server. This means that by upgrading you may have unwittingly switched graphics libraries and may be experiencing a side effect of that. If this is the case, this is completely unrelated to the image widget. You would be sing this same problem in any image uploader in wordpress if you use the same png.

    2. Coincidence. Perhaps it is really something unrelated. A quick search on the forums for “PNG and White Background” yields a lot of results including many form a year or more ago. Again, these are all unrelated to the image-widget.

    As far as I know, there is nothing that the image widget can do to an image that would cause this outside of bugs cause by WordPress core.

    Just to be sure though… Can someone who has been having this problem, please try uploading the exact same PNG that they’re having problems with, using the exact same settings (if you’re using a resized version, then use the same size), and upload to a post and confirm that you see the same problem in the post?

    I’m marking this ticket closed for the time being because I really don’t think this is an image-widget bug.


    p.s. When I skimmed through the search results, I read a few cases of people using PNG-8 and having white backgrounds where as PNG-24 was fine.

    Hi Peter,

    Hopefully this info will help you determine whether this is an Image Widget plugin issue or a WP 3.5 issue. When I upload a PNG photo using image widget (and yes it’s PNG-24) it creates multiple versions of the photo. The basic version without the dimensions added to the URL does NOT have the border.

    However, the versions with the dimensions added to the URL have a border added to it. In this particular example, a blue one.×90.png

    The plugin is using the URL with the dimension numbers added to it, which is the one with the issues. If I could override it with the correct URL everything, at least for the site I’ve run into this issue with, would work perfectly.

    As a work around for now I had to convert the images to JPG and have been looking for another widget alternative. I would rather have this work, and would pay to make it work, since it makes it so much easier for clients to be able to swap out images on their own.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    Plugin Author Peter Chester


    Thank you JMgood! When you use the image widget, have you tried selecting ‘full size’ as the image size?

    Yes – that’s what I did.

    I’m starting to think this isn’t a image widget issue, though it is clearly an issue that needs to be sorted somehow.

    For me the issue is also occurring with images that were uploaded via WordPress before this issue surfaced! jmgood is right, the full image is fine, it just the resized version that are playing up – today I noticed a really strange issue with one of them:

    This is the full version, looking perfectly normal (as you can see, uploaded in July):

    Then the full version with size suffix that the image widget prefers to use:×77.png

    It is a WP 3.5 issue.
    As a Workaround:
    If you use the full image size, clear the Fields Width and Height in an Image Widget and save it again.

    I am not sure if this is resolved, I ran into the same problem using the image widget. I loaded a PNG image through the widget and then one through the media library, when it loaded there was no background, but once I hit save, the white background appeared. I opened the widget and deleted the height and weight so nothing was left in both fields, hit saved and the white space was removed. Again, this was the image widget plugin I was using. I hope this helps, it was a quick resolution for me.

    still a problem in 3.5.1. I also just tried to call out to an image via URL to a different server… same issue with .png in Image Widget

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