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    ^There is what I’m working with. (I know everything is sorta on top of each other atm, but I need to fix this problem before I can get things totally aligned)

    Notice how the entry part has that white background attached? I’m sure in the style sheet somewhere it is defined but I just can’t seem to fin dit after changing all these things. All the other things(sidebar, footer, etc) seem to be set with a transparent background…why isnt the entry part set the same way?

    Thanks muchly.

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  • Though I am not an expert in this K. theme and its clones… the problem is bigger than “white background”. Your post area seems to be much wider than the bg image behind it, and it also ssems to be wrongly positioned. If you have Firefox and Developers Toolbar, click on “Outline Block Level Elements” and you’ll see what I am talking about.

    I see what you mean after tinkering with it more. So i guess my question is regarding the size of the narrowcolumn or page attribute in the style sheet?*i think im not sure which*

    hmm any ideas anyone?

    Since you have this very strict bg image
    nothing can be bigger/wider than that. And to position everything in such a fixed “grill” – I think it’s a PITA…
    Just click on the Archives or Categories in the sidebar and you’ll see it won’t work in this way.

    so youre telling me…with a background image like that..i can’t do it?
    I’m probably going to be deleting the sidebar all together…just adding in my scrolling div elsewhere(considering it’s positionedabsolutely it doesnt much matter.)

    so if im goin to just use the main entry part, could i do it that way?
    other than iframes, what would be my other choice?

    Other choice? – Don’t think in “fixed boxes”!
    How do you put a post on a fixed height background? What if today’s post is longer and tomorrow’s is shorter?
    Scrap it and start over. Download several themes (there are over 400 at this moment), dissect them and see how they managed the bg image and stuff like that.
    (Keep yourself away from the Default)

    interesting. Well any other ideas are welcome, i suppose I shall investigate other options…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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