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    Hi …

    iv been having a problem from a week, when i log in the admin page only a white page comes on.

    i think the problem started when i updated a plug in, after that i couldn’t enter the admin page again.

    iv uploaded all wordpress again but the problem is still there.

    Please help me with out loosing any thing.

    Thank You

    Best Wishes

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  • If as you say the problem started with the plugin, then remove the plugin from the plugins directory. Then try to go to the admin page.

    iv tried so, but it didn’t work.

    any other suggestions ?

    please could anyone help me

    Check if you have any .htaccess set up which might be blocking access to your admin area.

    And the plugin you installed was it this one admin-management-xtended?
    Did you completely move it out of the plugins directory before checking if you can access the admin area?

    No the plugin which i updated was postviews

    & yes i deleted it all but i couldn’t enter that admin area

    il check the .htaccess & see what happens

    Thank You

    the .htaccess is empty in the wp-admin folder

    try renaming it to _.htaccess sometimes servers get funny with htaccess’s, and reject the page.

    ok il try that

    what should be the file access permissions ?

    Thank You




    white pages are due to php errors. delete your plugins, one by one. If you need to, do it by deleting them via FTP

    thanx whooami i did what u said,

    i deleted all the plugin folder & it worked

    Thaks every one for helping me

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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