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    I am looking for a CRM plugin for a WordPress installation.

    So far, I have only found WP-CRM and Simple CRM. Both are broken and both only address users on the site, not customers and contacts who are not users as a real CRM would.

    My question is: is there a real CRM that I can install as a plugin on WordPress?

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  • WP-СRM is working.

    If you have ideas how to add extra functionality, please, visit our Feed back page

    WP-СRM is not working. However, it doesn’t matter anymore. I found a CRM module for Drupal that is a real CRM and not a user manager like WP-СRM.

    A CRM should be a plugin that allows you to maintain a database of contacts with activity reporting/logging etc., not just be an enhanced user manager.

    Sign up for a free ZOHO CRM account and play with it. You will see what I mean.

    WP-CRM is working.

    We need your ideas on our Feedback site to improve plugin for you.

    Sure, whatever. I understand the need for you to stick up for your work.

    As I stated, Drupal has a working CRM plugin that I ended up using.

    Wait, what didn’t you like about WP-CRM? what was the name of the Drupal plugin you went with?

    I am currently evaluating a ton of CRMs…



    I have more or less given up on finding anything good as a PLUGIN. Right now I’m checking out RoloPress, which unfortunately must be installed on a dedicated WP site (it takes over the theme and child theme).

    Other than that the only good alternatives seem like SugarCRM / vTiger CRM, which are really intimidating to new users.

    I wish I could find something simple that integrated right into an existing WordPress site….

    So, did you try WP-CRM?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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