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  • I wasn’t sure this was the appropriate forum for this question so apologies if it’s not.

    I would like some opinions please folks.

    I have just started to use WordPress and would like to know the best learning path.

    I am lucky to have access to the new Dreamweaver CS6, and wondered if this was a viable way of working with WordPress (as I already know the older dreamweavers from a few years ago)
    I know they have added the ability to view WordPress pages live, and I believe edit them too.

    So I guess what I’m asking is Dreamweaver, Wamp,


    Wamp, WordPress, and a decent text editor such as Notepad ++

    Thanks for your help all!


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  • Ditch Dreamweaver and use Wamp, WordPress plus a decent text editor such as Notepad ++.

    Thanks for the reply Esmi, but I have to ask…

    You are the moderator for this forum, so I imagine from that, that you have been doing this for a long time. I don’t mean to point a finger, but would you be saying ditch Dreamweaver from a ‘personal’ point of view?

    As someone coming into this fresh and new, would this still not be a good way to do this?

    Could I ask ‘why’ you would say to ditch Dreamweaver? (it doesn’t make any difference to me either way, as my company pay for dreamweaver, so therefore I have no invested interest, I am just curious)

    Thanks again,




    Forum Moderator

    Ditto what esmi said (though I’m a Mac person — so I use MAMP locally). I’m not a long-time user of WP, and have found that Dreamweaver just adds complexity / problems.

    But really, no one can tell you what will work best for you. Try things and see what you like…

    BTW, there are many “moderators” here — but they are all totally volunteer and you’ll find that they give you completely honest “personal” answers based on their own experience as well as experience helping many people with WP here and elsewhere.

    Yeah true enough Yogi, thanks for your input. I can see from my old knowledge of Dreamweaver that problems could be ‘added’ I am no stranger to its quirks 😛

    I think the main reason I ask, is that it ‘feels’ right to be using modern tools with a modern system like WordPress.

    Honestly, I am happy to use wamp, notepad ++ I just wondered if I would gain any advantage from using CS6’s new functionality, I know they have moved ahead in viewing sites ‘live’ and being able to track down code etc.

    Nothing you cant find with Firebug/Chrome’s developer tools of course, and again I appreciate this.

    Thanks again,

    Whats everyone else’s thoughts? Anyone out there actually use the dreamweaver workflow?


    but would you be saying ditch Dreamweaver from a ‘personal’ point of view?

    No. I’ve never used it myself but I haver seen quite a few people get into a mess trying to wrangle it to work with WordPress. Frankly I don’t think it’s worth the extra hassle.

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