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  • Hi,
    From the voting system and all the support questions in this forum, I gather that both and are broken…
    I’m still using version and experience no problems, but I’m also still on WP 3.8.2 and would like upgrade to WP 3.9.
    Will WordPress SEO work with WP 3.9 and if not, to what version of WordPress SEO that does work with WP 3.9 can I safely update?
    Or will I have to wait for a fix and manually upgrade to WP 3.8.3 untill the (or find a replacement for WordPress SEO)


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  • Version is giving me fatal errors with WP3.9 so i have had to delete the plugin through http://ftp...

    Same problem as karll10.

    OK, so which version DOES work with WP 3.9?

    @karll10 @gilduna more interesting to me is the question: what fatal errors are you getting… (preferably complete PHP error message including file name and line nrs and if possible with stack trace)

    @ikookmaar Any WPSEO version from 1.5 up *should* work with WP 3.9, though there are a number of themes which conflict and some web hosts offering garbage setups which will cause issues. It’s difficult to account for all possible situations for millions of people 😉

    I’m running 3.9.1 and am sticking with v1.8.2.2 until I see some abatement on the continual stream of bugs being reported; some of which are on the catastrophic side. This has become beyond absurd. Used to be, before the expansion (hiring on other devs and/or volunteers) that the bug fixes were of a rather more sedate rate and severity. Things don’t always go as planned on every system out there. I get it. I’m a programmer. Still, the QC on WP-SEO has dropped through the floor, compared to what it had been before the expansion. With more and more features being sucked out of the standard distro, the QC should be rising, not falling, if you’re going to attract people to the premium versions and add-ons that are becoming ubiquitous. Perhaps the pendulum should begin swinging in the other direction… at least for a while.

    Just to be clear, I updated to a version newer than (can’t remember now which) and encountered an immediate error that screwed up a number of things. Time to blow this thing out of the water, if possible, before any more damage is done. Reverted, and all came back to normal; thankfully. This shouldn’t happen.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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