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[Resolved] Which version to upgrade to for best security?

  • I’d like advice on whether to install 3.5.0 purely for improved security, or whether to wait for 3.5.1
    A lot of the general security advice says to stay up to date with the latest WP version. However my general IT experience says that a functional release of any software is more likely to introduce security problems than to resolve them. I’ve just built my first website using WP 3.4.1, and started hardening it, and having got my site working I’m not interested (for now anyway) in the new 3.5 functionality.

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  • esmi


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    Upgrade to 3.5 as soon as it is available.

    Thanks esmi

    Is your advice baased on ‘good practice with WordPress’ or known security problems with 3.4.2 that are fixed in 3.5? I’m cautious after working with corporate IT organisations, that for instance won’t install Windows 8 until after ServicePack 1 comes out.



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    Both. Any known outstanding, or minor, security issues will patched in WordPress 3.5. Comparing WordPress (or any open source software app) to an OS is a bit like trying to compare apples and oranges. Their development methodology is very different. From what I can tell from testing beta & RC versions of WordPress 3.5, most plugins & themes developed using WordPress standards will still work quite happily with 3.5.

    OK thanks again for the info

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